Four Brand New Color Club Polishes

4 Oct

Just as I started typing this I realised that I’ve never shared any of my Color Club polishes with you 😮 Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? I know! I have ten now and you haven’t seen any of the early one, epic blogger fail >< sorry about that. I’ll try and remedy that especially since the lovely Lani sent me two bottles, I should really share them with the world :3

So today’s post is about the latest four I brought which are from the newest Color Club collections: In True Fashion and Winter Affair. These four were brought from Head2Toe Beauty.

Left to right: Berry and bright, Winter Affair, Ho ho holly and First look.

Onward to the polish!

Bright and Berry from Color Club’s Winter Affair Collection: Not quite red and not quite fuchsia with a swanky micro glitter through it :3 I am quite pleased that this colour came out ok, I was really unsure about it since there are not many swatches of it. I am a little bit annoyed cause in some places it can be a little sheer for some reason oO More than likely my painting technique eep.

 Winter Affair from Color Club’s Winter Affair Collection: Purple micro glitter that’s almost jelly like 😮 LOVE! *flails* I wish my nails would hurry up and grow so I go flash this sexy colour around at work.

Ho-Ho-Holly from Color Club’s Winter Affair Collection: GAH! This one was evil to try and photograph and it needed about three coats >< I’m sorry I haven’t got any better swatches of it. When the weather evens out I’ll try again. HOWEVER this baby is awesome with the green, light green and dark and gold micro glitter on a greeeen base. GREEEEEN!

First Look from Color Club’s In True Fashion Collection: Blue polish!!! Oh how I love thee :3 You would have caught a layered glimpse of this beauty with Ozotic 505 over top, which brought out the epic colour changes in 505, BUT now witness how pretty it is all by itself!

I am glad that I took a leap and brought Berry and Bright, Winter Affair and Ho-Ho-Holly from the Winter Affair as they are awesome unique colours to add to my collection. I will more than likely get the rest of this collection as well, I don’t know why it hasn’t been swatched much yet, but I’ll try and fix that for all you crazy polish addicts out there.

Now onto the other new Color Club collection; In True Fashion. I know I only brought one bottle from that collection, but I’ve seen swatches of all of them and there are some epic colours that I must have. There is yet another OPI Just Spotted the Lizard possible dupe that I also want to test out, because hey greeeeen polish 😉

I hope you enjoyed those swatches and hopefully I will remember to post up swatches of my other Color Clubs for you.

Till next time.

❤ MaSucree

P.s. Sorry about all the exclamation marks :p

3 Responses to “Four Brand New Color Club Polishes”

  1. everysensory October 4, 2012 at 9:50 am #

    I’ll forgive the exclamation marks because, hey, beautiful polish so why not? 😀 Thanks for the swatches! Ho Ho Holly looks like my must-have of the bunch… waiting for 1 more day for the holos to be released, and hoping Head2Toe gets them in fast! 😀

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