Ozotic 505 from Gracie Lou

1 Oct

Hello! Your favourite MaSucree here.

Hows it going? Been busy as usual for me, I handed in an assignment this week (wooo two more left now) and I have been hovering at the letter box waiting for my nail mail. One which came in the form of the lovely Del and her husband leaving it at my door 😮

Today’s swatches are of the fantastic Ozotic 505. I was finally able to grab myself a bottle of this little beauty for a reasonable price from the New Zealand online store Gracie Lou.

 (look at that cute packaging!) Gracie Lou is a new store for me, but I am so glad that I found it! When I brought my Ozotic there was a weekend sale on everything! On the website they have MAC, Benefit, Urban Decay, NARS, Essie, Ozotic, Picture Polish and more AND everything is at a reasonable price (which is the first time I’ve found anything like this in NZ). The lovely lady at Gracie Lou even sent Del a bottle of Ozotic for her to try, I’m sure you’ll be seeing that soon as I haven’t stopped hearing about it. Tehe.

I will be most definitely going back to Gracie Lou for more polish and even maybe some Benefit. If you live in NZ and plan on shopping with Gracie Lou make sure you follow them on Facebook so you can get a heads up on sales and new brands coming to the store.

Now onto the swatches WARNING: Polish Spam 😛

505 all by itself:

 I don’t know if I’ve voiced this before but I HATE layering polish. I am of the belief that it should just come in the bottle as you want it without having to layer. Just ask Del how much I hate layering. So a part of me was a little bit annoyed with 505 that I was going to have to layer it to get the nice dark duo chromey effect that I love. I may have even pre judged this polish a bit…only a little bit.

BUT! I changed my mind! Even by itself its super groovy! Look at that stunning colour change JUST LOOK AT IT!!!

505 over Misa The Great Green Whatsit

 I sorta cheated cause Misa’s The Great Green Whatsit is sorta duo chrome as well, but its a pale colour so brings out a totally different colour to all the other bases I tried underneath it.

505 over Color Club Winter Affair

 Winter affair is a red glitter shimmer (which you will also see by itself later on) so really brings out the purple in this change.

505 over Color Club First Look

 THIS! This is the gold that I was after! Nice dark chromey change with lots of blue. First Look from Color Club is a nice dark blue which doesn’t meddle with the change too much :3 So I have to layer for it, so what? I’m super happy with it and it looks stunning!

So I take it back, layering isn’t all that bad and I will do it from time to time when I wish to use my 505. Now I’m just on the look out for a bottle of 503 and 507… Greeeeeen.

Hope you enjoyed the polish and if you live in NZ be sure to check out Gracie Lou they have some amazing pretty things on there and the lady is lovely.

Till next time.

❤ MaSucree

2 Responses to “Ozotic 505 from Gracie Lou”

  1. everysensory October 2, 2012 at 8:02 am #

    Super pretty! 😀


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    […] Blue polish!!! Oh how I love thee :3 You would have caught a layered glimpse of this beauty with Ozotic 505 over top, which brought out the epic colour changes in 505, BUT now witness how pretty it is all […]

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