NUBAR Duo Chromes

13 Aug


Ever since I got into nail polish in a big way I have coveted duo chrome polishes. Del and I go on about it all the time, but buying nail polish can be a real trial in New Zealand. Most of our nail polish collection is from overseas and even trying to find websites that ship to New Zealand can be hard. So Duochromes have always been a little out of reach until I found Beauty Bay.

Beauty Bay is a pretty awesome site, not only do they deliver to NZ BUT FOR FREE!!! *dies* They have so many different brands besides nail polish and for reasonable prices. I would highly recommend checking them out.

Now onto the nail polish!

I picked up five bottles of Nubar from Beauty Bay, but just wanted to show you the Duo Chromes first. The Duo Chromes I purchased were Moon Eclipse and Stardust. Here’s Moon Eclipse:

Moon Eclipse:

*swoon* look at all the colours!!!

Moon Eclipse is a lovely duo chrome, but to be honest as excited as I am about having duo chromes in my collection, I found that Moon Eclipse didn’t look as exciting on my nails as Stardust did 😮 BUT I still like it and love showing off the colour changes to anyone at work who will stand still long enough.


I don’t usually go for pale colours, but Stardust once I saw swatches of it, was one I had to have. AND even better it looks lovely on my nails, it looks pretty bad ass with some stamping on top too. The colour shifts are pretty stunning, with colours between gold, yellow, peach, orange and pink. All those colours 🙂 So Stardust is my favourite, which most likely goes against everything you lovely readers have learnt about me and my taste in nail polish XD

Besides the stunning array of colours in the NUBAR collection, NUBAR is also a very good quality nail polish. I found two coats were enough for the colour to be mostly opaque, but did a third coat just to make sure. Even with three coats it dried quickly and with no bubbles. Wear was good even with all the book handling I do and there was no peeling!

So there you have it my first Duo Chromes and boy am I happy with them! Hopefully sometime this week I will be getting some nail mail and inside will be China Glaze Bohemian Luster Chrome Collection! Squeeeee!!!! Along with a few other colours to wet your nail polish whistle.

Till next time my sweeties!

❤ MaSucree


2 Responses to “NUBAR Duo Chromes”

  1. everysensory August 14, 2012 at 7:47 am #

    Gorgeous! 😀


  1. China Glaze Bohemian Luster Chrome Collection « domesticminxes - August 17, 2012

    […] was a little unsure of this colour, it reminded me a little of the Nubar Stardust that I just swatched. It is however totally different. I’m not usually into paler colours, […]

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