Winter Polish Drying Fail: Featuring NotDs and Swatches!

1 Jul

I don’t even think there’s any to say here except I’m super sorry we’ve been so blargh about posting lately. I know that I’m exhausted and I know that MaSucree is exhausted too. Even though there’s not that much going on at the moment, it feels like EVERYTHING is snowballing.

For me, it’s been really difficult to get myself to do anything at all since my cat disappeared. I’m actually devastated but Sir Husband is trying to keep me positive. It’s been difficult because I’m home alone most of the day while he’s at work keeping busy. I’m not working at the moment (I left Overland in order to find something more suited to me), but I’m feeling zero motivation since Suki went missing 😦 Every little sound has me jumping and calling for her.

Anyway, I have some naily things for you. There’s not much, but I hope you’ll enjoy the few things I have. First up is the main reason for lack of posting…

Winter polish drying fail strikes again! Bah! This is happening far too often. I don’t like sitting around doing nothing for ages after painting nails, but because it’s been so cold the polish just isn’t drying as fast as usual. This is two coats of Kleancolor 151 Sheer Pastel Cocoa (my favourite Kleancolor of all time), with a coat of Essie Matte About You on top. This actually looked amazing… Until I broke it >_<

I’ve been having fun with my mermaid’s tail nails lately (yeah I’m sticking with that name, despite the fact that not all colour combinations look like mermaid tails). I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of colours and mixes. This one isn’t the most awesome, but I still think it’s pretty and sparkly. I think the glitter wasn’t poppy enough against the black. Anyway, this is China Glaze Smoke and Ashes as base, then China Glaze Marry a Millionaire and Fairy Dust for the glitters. You may be able to tell that this was actually taken before the previous photo because my nails were longer. I’m sporting nubbins at the moment because my hands are really icky.

At Ami’s request I braved my Random Brands polish chest to dig out my two Miki polishes to show her… You see what I had to dig through?!


Here they are! I don’t have names or even numbers for either of these polishes. So frustrating! *frown*

Is it not beautiful?


Next up is some (fairly) recent NotD that I posted on Facebook

*happy sigh* I’m glad that these ones didn’t suffer from polish drying fail. This is two coats of Essie’s Smooth Sailing (buy it, you need it), with China Glaze Blonde Bombshell and Golden Enchantment for the glitter.

Now let’s switch to nubbin swatching mode! I got this polish a few weeks ago but never got around to posting about it (I also never posted my birthday presents either… ugh!).


This is of course my Orly lemming, Nite Owl from the Birds of a Feather collection. I had been dribbling after this one for weeks and weeks in Farmers and finally decided to buy it, only to find that they had disappeared. Sob! HOWEVER, I was fortunate enough to score a bottle for only $8 NZD (YES JUST EIGHT) from the pharmacy at DressMart. Happiest outlet shopping trip ever.

Since leaving my job I’ve obviously had to be a lot more modest in my purchasing habits, so I’ve not bought many new polishes. I did get quite a lot for my birthday (Sir Husband gave me a dollar limit and let me go ballistic on Head2Toe), so I’ve mostly just been playing around and experimenting with the polishes I have already.

For example, at the moment I’m wearing these freehand fishtail chevrons. Unfortunately they suffered from winter polish drying fail, but they’re too cool to take off.

They’re not perfect because I did these freehand, and at the in-laws house, and didn’t have a nice table to work on or my awesome desklamp. I also could have done with two coats of the silver holo…

Anyway that’s China Glaze First Mate as the base, then Color Club Worth the Risque (silver holo), then China Glaze Electric Beat. It’s funny how much I try to use new colours but I keep coming back to Electric Beat… It’s just a me kind of colour ^_^

I realised after I finished these that they totally remind me of the Water Tribes… Avatar: The Last Airbender is something of an ongoing love affair for me (I even have an Air Nomad tattoo), and realising that these nails remind me of Avatar has got me thinking of some other naily ideas ^_^ If they amount to anything substantial, I’m sure you’ll get pictures 😉

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I’m going to get back to being sad about my cat 😦

Send me good thoughts for my baby please!

-Del xx

2 Responses to “Winter Polish Drying Fail: Featuring NotDs and Swatches!”

  1. everysensory July 3, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    Super thanks for digging through that Chest of Awesomeness to find those Miki’s, I love them both, and if I see them I’m getting them! (hope that makes it more worth it for you!). Good luck finding a new, better, job – and I’m so with you on the drying time of polish at the moment. Holy moly. I’m determined to get Smooth Sailing, and its your fault. And I’m STILL sending the good wishes and ‘go home safe, kitty’ vibes your way, with all my heart, and will continue to until I get an update (hug)

    • domesticminxes July 3, 2012 at 9:44 pm #

      I’m glad you like the Mikis! They are definitely worth getting if you come across them 😀 I almost bought a few Miki polishes today but at the last minute decided to be a good girl… No fun >_<
      Job hunting is uber sucky, but I really do want the income 😉
      And I remain shocked that you don't have Smooth Sailing yet XD
      Thank you for the good wishes, I'm just hoping that wherever she is, she's safe and happy.
      -Del xx

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