China Glaze – Parts of the Rodeo Diva Collection

19 May

Good Morning!

I have had coffee, porridge and now I am ready to show you some more of my China Glaze Swatches! Today’s polishes are from China Glazes Rodeo Diva Collection. I now own 2/3 of this collection, however the last three bottles are going to take some searching for, but of course I will try!!!

Now if you enjoy my swatches that much I got most of this collection from Head2Toe Beauty who have a large China Glaze collection at $3.00 USD a bottle and best thing yet they ship to NZ! Woop Woop!

Enough out of me onto the swatches!

Left to Right: Wagon Trail, Gussied Up Green and Rodeo Fanatic.

Wagon Trail:

This one was a surprise when I got it out of the box I was like noooo what am I going to do with this?!. Turns out I need to have more patience and open my mind a little as I now love it! Its a gorgeous and interesting colour that is actually quite subtle despite how dark it is!

Gussied Up Green:

Greeeen polish….my weakness! I have been eyeing up this colour for a while! It really is a stunner and well worth the wait.

Rodeo Fanatic:

I’ve actually swatched this polish before but with awful newbie photos (who am I kidding they’re still pretty newbie). I got this from a NZ website CandyGirl. I keep forgetting how lovely this colour is, I’m so glad I fished it out of my draws :3

Left to Right: Midnight Ride, Side Saddle and Cow Girl Up.

Midnight Ride:

I had to throw out my favourite goth teen year dark purple a year back cause it went all gluggy and now I have a replacement. It looks so dark but really it has this stunning purple in it. I really can’t get rid of my inner goth XD

Side Saddle:

This is my favourite (yes even over the green). All the multi micro glitter sparkle shimmer going on (I don’t know I’m just saying words lol). Go buy this one now! NOW I tell you!

Cow Girl Up:

This is another one I have previously swatched but just wanted to show off some more. I got this from BeautyJoint a few months ago.

Left to Right: Red Stallion, Yee-Haw and Golden Spurs

Red Stallion:

Is it red, orange? I don’t know but I love it!


This peachy shimmer is on my nails right now, in real life its a little more frosty so you can’t see my nails underneath. It’s a really nice nudish colour for work :3

Golden Spurs:

I am not a fan of Gold polish but this is my type of gold! This collection has really given me some new favourites, I’ve worn a colour from this collection daily since I got it.

I will keep you updated on the hunt for the last three colours from this collection; Lasso my heart, Prize winning mare and Branding Iron. I will have all of it!

Have a good day darling readers, I hope it’s full of cake, nail polish and relaxation.

❤ MaSucree


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