Recent Shopping Fun with Delindel

23 Apr

Ooookay yeah, I know, I’m terrible and a ridiculously lazy blogger and I don’t deserve to be here! I am aware of how pathetic and whiny it sounds since I only work part-time, but work is reallllly getting me down lately. Even though I need the money, I’m looking forward to our new assistant manager starting soonish so I won’t have to be at work as much. I think it’s kinda hitting me hard that I’m now a university graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, and I work part-time in retail. I’ve been having zero luck on the job-hunting front and it’s making me feel rather rubbish!

So, as ever, I resort to shopping to make myself feel better, particularly nail stuff. So today I’ve got a few things to show off from the past two weeks or so. Omgggg, how exciting for you! 😀

I’ll start off with my newest Mode polishes…

L-R: Blingin’; Fresh Melon; Funkadelic; and Runway.

These ones are from almost 2 weeks ago when I went into the city to have lunch with MaSucree. No swatches yet, I haven’t had any free daylight…

My pharmacy at the mall where I work has finally just started stocking Mode as well! So the other day after work I snuck in there and got four more…

L-R: Red Velvet; Boysenberry; Style Magnet; and Blue Steel.

Miss MaSucree has already swatched Blingin’, Red Velvet, and Blue Steel for you here, hopefully I’ll have time to swatch the others this coming weekend (I’m working all the other daylight hours this week XD ).

I also picked up a few completely random things from various stores to help feed my current nail-art-stuff addiction.

Tiny paintbrush (so I can use ALL my polish colours for art instead of just the special skinny brush ones I have. 10 colours is not enough!), some sparkly-ass glitter, and an exciting wheel of rhinestones and embellishments from a 2 Cheap. This has sparked the desire for more…

Anyhoo! As you know, last Wednesday Miss MaSucree and I went out for some retail therapy to cheer her up. I picked up my five China Glaze Hunger Games polishes (squee!)

L-R: Dress Me Up; Electrify; Fast Track; Luxe & Lush; and Smoke & Ashes.

Okay so these are an immediate love affair for me. There’s not a one that I don’t love! My absolute favourite though has to be Fast Track. We know it’s my favourite because I’ve worn it for two days IN A ROW last week, and I’m wearing it again right now. SHOCKING! I usually change my polish every day. I have 3 more of the Hunger Games collection on the way right now, and will be ordering the other four oh-so-soon. Because I’m creepy and compulsive that way.

On to the shopping haul!

First stop was MaSucree’s local 2 Cheap (which is bigger and better than mine):

L-R: Ruby Slippers; Hawaiian Flower; Yu Xuan #83.

The Yu Xuan polish is surprisingly good! I also came out with some totally awesome cat stickers.

I plan on using them on my nails. Because I’m cool.

Next stop was Postie!

Came out with a Kleancolor travel brush set (perfect for my handbag), and a L’oreal NutriShine lip gloss/balm thing.

Colour is Pretty Peach, and I adore it! It’s my new go-to for work, and I’m definitely keen on getting more of these. Goes on so smoothly and moisturises so nicely 😀

Next stop: Farmers!

I picked up one of the Sally Hansen clean-up pens, and Revlon’s Gold Coin. I noticed a few weeks ago that I was seriously lacking in the gold foil polish department… I had zero! Now I have one, and I want more. I had a few silvers, and some yellows and bronzes, but no golds!

Our final stop was a new discount shop that has popped up across the road from Lynn Mall. I got some snacks (woo!) and some cosmetics of course!

I picked up a gorgeous deep red L’oreal Paris nail polish that MaSucree also has, a Sally Hansen lipstick, and Maybelline cream shadow stick. The polish is 416 Femme Noir, and it’s a gorgeous dark colour, almost black, with some stunning red shimmer through it.

The Sally Hansen lipstick is in Baby Pink… Or as I prefer, Rose Bebe >_< I haven’t had a chance to wear this one yet, but it’s a lovely girly colour and I’m looking forward to it. This baby only set me back $5.

The cream shadow is in 200 Touch of Toffee. I’m super impressed with how well this stuff stays on! Too many cream shadows just wipe off too easily, but just testing this one on my hand I had trouble removing it >_< It’s a nice soft colour and it goes on quite easily, it will be very versatile 😀 Plus it only cost me $7!

Okay this has taken me long enough, and longer than it should have XD The darn internet keeps distracting me! All the Youtube and polish! So I’ll leave you with an updated polish-collection-minus-the-50-odd-bottles-on-my-desk…

Someday soon I really ought to count them all. Not that counting them will matter since I add to my collection every week. And have more on the way right now. I’m not going to show you the ones on my desk because my desk is a wreck. There’s at least 50 bottles on here though, plus all sorts of random crap!

I hope you’re all well and having fun going on shopping adventures as well!

Until next time~

-Del xx

3 Responses to “Recent Shopping Fun with Delindel”

  1. everysensory April 24, 2012 at 7:04 am #

    Good effort ladies! Well played! *clap clap clap*


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