Experiments in Nail Art with Delindel

14 Apr

Hey guys! Long time no see >_< I did warn you last time that I’d be pretty busy with birthdays (the Husband is finally the same age as me) and work and weddings! I made it through, but just after I got back from the out-of-town Easter weekend wedding, I got super sick. Blech!

However, this does mean that I’ve been playing with nail polish a bit, since there’s nothing better to do when you’re sick than watch Top Gear and try stuff you’ve never tried before. So tonight I’m quickly sharing two sets of nails, showcasing my first foray into crackle/shatter polish, and my first attempt at detailed nail art and sticking jewels to my nails…

Wanna see?

Five days ago I came across the CR stand at one of the shops in the mall, and I caved and bought my first ever crackle/shatter polish. I’ve always been a bit meh about crackle, it always annoyed me how popular it became. I’m a self-confessed nail hipster and I tend to be annoyed by popular things…

However since trying this $3 crackle, I’m pretty happy! I think I would even consider paying more to get the nice OPI colours (like gold and turquoise). I was extremely impressed by how well the CR one worked, especially when you consider how expensive OPI is in comparison in NZ (around $25 in stores, I’m not sure how much the shatters are though). They have a great range of colours in the CR stand so I’m thinking about going back and trying some more.

Anyway, this was the CR black crackle over my Australis Foil Spoil.

This one was a completely accidental manicure. I had on a pink polish (Mode’s Fresh Melon – still to be swatched), and after watching hours worth of nail art tutorials in bed while sick, I pulled out my Jordana Pop Art polishes and started practising painting designs on my fingers. The white middle nail started out as some failed snowflakes that I got annoyed with and painted over completely.

Then I tried out some cherry blossom branches and found that I rather liked that design but was too lazy to replicate it on all my nails. So the rest got filled in with the pink glitter Pop Art polish to match the blossoms. Later in the day I was sorting through my deco stash and came across a few loose pearls and thought hey maybe I’ll stick them on my nails, I’ve never done that before…

And now I’m a full convert and I’m going to buy smaller ones specifically for nails.

Because I’m crazy like that.

I always thought that the whole jewels-and-stuff on your nails was a bit OTT and tacky… but having finally tried it, all I can say is that I feel feminine, dainty, and pretty.

And I like it 😉

What new things have you guys tried recently?

-Del xx


One Response to “Experiments in Nail Art with Delindel”

  1. fashionforlunch October 11, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

    These look amazing!

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