Australis Pocket Palette

13 Apr

Hello my lovely readers!

How has your week? Did you get time off over the long weekend? Did you get chocolate? I got mass amounts of Chocolate thanks to Mr Gabby…and then cause of post Easter chocolate sale I now have a repeat this weekend XD

Most of my Easter weekend was spent stuck inside the Hunger Games Trilogy. I’ve finished it now and I feel a little lost, do you guys ever get that after reading a good series?

ANYWAY! Anyway… I’m here to share with you my new Australis Pocket Palette. The best thing with this palette is I got it for FREE! Yup, that’s right Free :3 Farmer’s had this awesome sale that if you spent more than $25.00 you got the Pocket Palette free.  I picked up a Australis Lipstick and Primer (which I did need), I will review those later for you cause as always I love everything Australis.

So this super black and shiny palette is nice and small BUT what really got me were the colours inside. Usually all the colours inside a free palette are average, however these ones are colours I would actually wear.

The palette came with a sheet detailing what the colours are called and it turns out the eye shadows are from other palettes and most of the glosses are from their colour inject gloss range.  Some of these colours I had been eyeing up and I get to try them first before I actually buy them in a bigger version.

The eyeshadows are selections from the Australis Intensifeye Trio and Intensifeye Quad. I love the different range of colours I got! Look at them sparkle!

From Left to Right:

  • From Intesifeye Trio – Out of the Blue
  • From Intesifeye Quad – The Big Smoke
  • From Intesifeye Quad – You Beauty
  • From Intesifeye Quad – You Beauty
  • From Intesifeye Quad – Choc-A-Block
  • From Intesifeye Quad – Choc-A-Block

From Left to Right:

  • From Intesifeye Trio – Out of the Blue
  • From Intesifeye Quad – Far Out Brussel Sprout
  • From Intesifeye Trio  Fancy Pants
  • From Intesifeye Quad – True Blue
  • From Intesifeye Quad  – The Big Smoke
  • From Intesifeye  – The Big Smoke
The cool thing I discovered is that you can put these shadows on with a dry brush or a wet brush with no harm to the palette or colour :3 I really am impressed with my new shadows.

From Left to Right:

  • Blush in Baby Doll
  • Blush in Fantasy
These blushes are part of Australis’ standard blush range.
I haven’t actually put these blushes on yet…I’m a little scared to since they are such intense colours. I might try fantasy on my eyes. I’m sure I’ll use them.

Left to Right:

Sassy would be one of my favourites, but they all look pretty amazing on! They also sit really nicely on, no drying out and no nasty smells, which has made me interested in the rest of the Australis Glosses.

I am so thoroughly impressed with this little palette, it barely takes up any room in my hand bag and the quality and colours are just perfect. So if you live in New Zealand I hope you managed to pick one up for free while the Farmer’s promotion was happening. If not you can still get most of these colours from Australis in big versions and I would highly recommend getting them in big versions, cause I know I will be getting them.

So my darlings, I’m sorry about the delay in posts. I hope you have a good weekend.

❤ MaSucree

P.S. I really do just generally love Australi products, they in no way pay for my crazed ramblings.

One Response to “Australis Pocket Palette”

  1. everysensory April 14, 2012 at 8:08 am #

    very pretty! Love the eyeshadows, I too, would be scared by the brown blush – be a nice bronzer if it went on lightly enough though. Thanks for the pictures and swatches!

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