Aveeno Smart Essentials Review

21 Jan

Good Afternoon Everyone!

The last few weeks I have been trialling a new face and eye cream.  The two products I picked up are from Aveeno’s new Smart Essentials range. I first brought the Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment for $25.00 NZD from Farmers, I was so impressed I went back and brought the Daily Nourishing Moisturizer with SPF 30.

Aveeno is a brand I have used before. I started using their Ultra-Calming range, I fell in love with their night cream but sadly they stopped making it about two years ago.

So read below for a review of my two latest face and eye creams from Aveeno.

The packaging for Aveeno’s latest range is a bit more exciting than the other ranges. It of course not all about packaging, but it does help 🙂

When I went shopping for a new eye cream I really wanted to focus on getting rid of the dark circles under my eyes as well as keeping the wrinkles at bay. For some reason most of the other brands just focused on fighting or getting rid of wrinkles. That is all well in good but I have quite dark circles under my eyes and the skin is very sensitive under there and the anti wrinkle creams tend to  irritate under my eyes.

I was encouraged to try this product before I brought it which was lovely of the shop assistant. I put a little bit of cream underneath each eye and continued on shopping. No irritation and my skin felt better even for having it on for just 20 minutes.

I have to admit that application is not my favourite. The whole roll on thing for your eyes doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. I have taken to rolling it on my finger and then dabbing it under my eye.

The smell is also very pleasant for the eye treatment ,a light smell of citrus that fades over an hour and is not overbearing. It also absorbs very quickly and glides on smoothly. Perfect application 🙂

I am very impressed with my new eye cream. I can visibly see a difference after I’ve put it on, now I just need to help combat my dark circles with more sleep XD.

Four and a half stars.

I went back and brought this because I was so impressed with how the eye cream treated my skin. I am even more impressed with the nourishing face moisturiser.

The bottle is pump which is a lot nicer than the roll on application of the eye cream and also makes measuring out how much you need easy. This cream has SPF in it so if you get a bit too much for just your face you can rub in on your neck and chest as well (which I tend to do anyway).

The cream comes out thick but smoothes over your skin effortless and absorbs in quick. What I really love about it, is how well it sits underneath my make up. I forgot to wear it the other day and my make up look substandard with out. I am also confident enough to go out and about with just this on my face.

Within minutes of it soaking in I notice a difference in my face. I also reckon my skin has improved over the last couple of weeks. My skin doesn’t seem to be as sensitive and break outs are less common.

Five Stars!

I am totally in love with my new day routine. Not only do these Aveeno products have a pleasent smell to them, they make me feel good too. So, very highly recommended.

❤ MaSucree

2 Responses to “Aveeno Smart Essentials Review”

  1. Sine Rose January 26, 2012 at 11:15 pm #

    I think, I think, I will go out and get both of these products. Also Aveeno’s sunscreen is really nice too, lovely and light and doesn’t feel greasy and clogging like the Cancer Foundation ones (which I usually get in SPF 70 because I am silly and over the top. Probably doesn’t help. But still! Nicest sunscreen ever!)
    So is the eye treatment stuff actually making your dark circles go away…?


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    […] is a cure for the dark circles but it definitely helps hide them during the day. I still use my Aveeno Smart Essentials eye cream, but at night instead in an attempt to ease my dark […]

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