Reader-Requested Kleancolor Polish Comparison

17 Jan

Earlier today we Domestic Minxes received a lovely email from one of our awesome readers asking about two of my fantastic Kleancolor gold glitters. So I’ve swatched them over a few different bases, and alone, hopefully to help her decide which one she prefers. I decided to do a blog post for it because I figured that there’s probably plenty of others who are curious about the difference between these two polishes as well.

The two colours in question are 184. Golden Nirvana and 185. Gold Caviar. My swatches of them by themselves are already on our Flickr, but here they are again:

184. Golden Nirvana

185. Gold Caviar

So I thought the easiest way to see the immediate difference between these two would be to swatch them over a white base, so that’s what I did first. On my index and ring fingers is Golden Nirvana, with Gold Caviar on my middle and little fingers.

L-R – Nirvana, Caviar, Nirvana, Caviar.

See the immediate difference is that Golden Nirvana is more of an orange-gold base, and is more opaque than Caviar. Caviar on the other hand, is definitely a yellow-gold base, and is more sheer.

Left: Golden Nirvana. Right: Gold Caviar.

See, when looking at the bottles next to each other you can see that they’re actually quite different. Similar, yes, but not the same. The base in Nirvana is definitely not as clear as Caviar’s; you can tell by the way Nirvana’s base covers its glitter. I think this is why I prefer the way Nirvana looks by itself, whereas I prefer Caviar layered…

L-R – Nirvana, Caviar, Nirvana, Caviar.

Next I layered both of them over Metallic Yellow to see how they’d fare. As you can see, Nirvana’s orange-gold base does help to give a deeper colour, but Caviar’s yellow base makes a bright and bold layered look!

I think it’s interesting that such sheer base colours still have an effect on how these two polishes layer. I had actually been expecting them to layer exactly the same. Especially when it came to layering them over black…

L-R – Nirvana, Caviar, Nirvana, Caviar.

…however, I was surprised to find that even over black these two glitters had their own distinct look. I found that Caviar still had a brighter glittery hit than Nirvana, but I felt that Nirvana had a softer shimmery serene look. If that sounds okay for describing a gold micro-chunky glitter combo >_<

L-R – Nirvana, Caviar.

See what I mean? Caviar is definitely a brighter yellow gold.

Here’s a blurred picture that shows the definite difference in the shades of gold.

Both so pretty!

Anyway, my advice to you, Dear Reader, is that if you can’t decide which one you want… grab both 😉 The Kleancolor polishes are so cheap and quality that there’s no excuse to not have both! However, if you really feel that you need only one, you’ve gotta decide whether you want some punchy yellow-gold party nails, or some softer orange-gold shimmery goodness.

Hope these photos helped!

-Del xx

P.S. If you want Kleancolor polishes, the best place to get them is probably Beauty Joint if you don’t have a nearby retailer that stocks them.

4 Responses to “Reader-Requested Kleancolor Polish Comparison”

  1. Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge January 17, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

    They keep getting prettier and prettier…. 😀
    Love them!!!

    • domesticminxes January 17, 2012 at 11:04 pm #

      I absolutely adore all the Kleancolor glitter concoctions! Hehe everybody needs some :3
      -Del xx

  2. Emm January 17, 2012 at 10:25 pm #

    I like them over blackk!!

    • domesticminxes January 17, 2012 at 11:04 pm #

      They look great don’t they! I always save the best for last 😉
      -Del xx

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