BYS Nail Polish Swatches

8 Jan

During my week of nail polish excess I also ventured to Postie, sometimes you can pick up good brands for reduce prices. My nail polish senses were tingling and I found their BYS stand, it was a bit bare and a little bit of a mess but I managed to fish out some awesome colours.

So not only did I add to my nail polish collection I also found another brand to covet and dribble over -_- If I have children I think they will be inheriting my nail polish collection.

The other day I was reading/oggling a post on Nail Polish Wars about Mood nail polish. The idea of mood nail polish fascinated me so I was stoaked when I found Postie had a BYS version of it. It was either salmon colour or blue glitter so of course blue won. The Postie Manager assured me that they would be restocking soon with more of the colours. Take a look at the BYS website for the rest of the Colour Change Range.

Due to the God awful weather we are having at the moment I was unable to test the colour changing effects properly. I swear it changed slightly when I took a hair dryer to my nail but that might have been seeing things. HOWEVER the blue of this polish is pretty awesome, so either way I am happy.

Nocturnal from the bias Basic Colour range.

Including the above photos and those below all colours have been done with two coats. I am a bit disappointed with how transparent it is, but I know they will layer up fantastically.

Metallic Peacock from the Metallics Range.

Metallic Fuschia from the Metallic Range.

Metallic Amethyst from the Metallic Range.

This would have to be my favourite colour out of the five I brought, but I am a little bit bias towards purple.

I am looking forward to trying more of the BYS nail polish range as well as more of their other products.

Four Stars.

❤ MaSucree


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