Australis Eyebrow Kit Review

8 Jan

If you’ve been reading for a while you may have noticed my love for Australis. All of my basic make up is Australis and I would recommend them to anyone.

Products I use are:

When I went to purchase a replacement Powder Cream Foundation (seriously you need to go get some this instant!) they had a offer at Farmer’s either you got 10% off or if you managed to spend over $25.00 you received a free eyebrow kit. I was curious about the kit and opted for that.

I do love how Australis has recently changed to a black and pink look. I didn’t mind there silver compacts but they easily got scratched and looked grungy.

In the above photo you can see inside the compact. On the left wax, middle powder and left brush and (not seen) tweezers.

I found when using the kit it is best to have all your make up on before hand. If you are like me your eyebrows can sometimes get a bit faded from your foundation. This is one of the many functions that make this kit awesome.

So first you used the angled brush to tame your eyebrows into place. Then using either or both of the two coloured powders you mix them into your brows using the regular brush. Next using the angle brush you further brush your brows into place this time using the wax.

Simple I know! And with fantastic results. Try not to go overboard or else you’ll look as though you stole someone else’s eyebrows…never a good look.

For a kit that I got for free I am highly impressed and I would even go back and purchase another when I finish my current one.

Not only is it good for bringing back faded eyebrows it also keeps them in place and helps them look a bit tidier without all the maintenance work. I found that you can just use the wax without having to use the powder as well for a more natural look and it halved the application process, which is fantastic for those days on the run 🙂

Five Stars!

❤ MaSucree

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