L’Occitane Rose 4 Reines Review

2 Jan

Every time my Mama and I visit St Lukes mall we visit the lovely L’Occitane store that they have their. We tend to just dribble over the beautiful products and maybe try a few things out. I get my love of Rose and Lavender scented things from my Mama, so it’s usually these scents we try.

L’Occitane has one of the best and natural smelling rose ranges I have found so far. According to the beautiful boxes the L’Occitane Rose 4 Reines range is a combination of four different roses; the Grasse rose, the Bulgarian rose, the Moroccan rose and the Turkish rose.

I was lucky enough for Christmas this year to receive the “Rose 4 Reines Rose Pearlescent Cream 200ml” from my Mum and Dad. This weekend me and Mama went on another trip to St Lukes. L’Occitane has a 20% off sale and there I picked up their “Rose 4 Reines Eau de Toilette 20ml“, which is a smaller bottle of their usual 75ml.

L’Occitane Rose 4 Reines Pearlescent Body Cream:
Price: $78.00

Even the box is beautiful! I still keep it in the box, I just take it out to use it. Which almost seems a waste since the pot is so lovely too. Which I will still keep once I have finished the cream. I am not one for keeping it for best, I would be devastated if it went off and I never got to use it.  Besides I can leave hints with Mr Gabby for Birthday presents.

The cream is the barest of rose/pinky colours. This photo was take today and I have been using it everyday since Christmas. You don’t need much, it is a thick cream and smoothes on beautifully.

Above you can see the slight colour a bit better out of the jar. The cream also has a slight shimmer through it, which helps smooth and illuminate your skin. It also has the perfect amount of rose perfume to it, which does last all day.

I am so spoilt to have gotten this as a present. I enjoy using it as it is a wonderful product and will be back for more when I finish this pot…which no doubt will take me a little bit.

Five Stars

L’Occitane Rose 4 Reines Eau de Toilette 20ml:
Prince: $38.00 or $78 for 75ml

The perfume also comes in the same stunning packaging. Again I also keep the perfume in the box and will do so as long as the box lasts. My Mama for Christmas received the full size perfume bottle (75ml) and I was really taken with the bottle shape as well as the smell. I was glad that when I visit L’Occitane this weekend that the smaller bottle was the same just without the label. Just like the Body Cream the perfume bottle is made of glass.

Please remember that I do have small hands so the bottle is no bigger than 10cm.

The perfume is lovely by itself as well, just not as strong. It is the perfect amount of roses and is not overbearing. Combined with the Body Cream the perfume is a little bit stronger and lingers for even longer.

Five Stars.

I am so happy with my body Cream and perfume from L’Occitane. I plan on getting more of their products and even venturing into some or their other fragrances. They are pricey but the products your receive are well made, beautifully presented and last for a reasonable amount of time. I also have to admit I get a little kick out of owning French Perfume 😮

Hope you all have been looking after yourself.

❤ MaSucree

5 Responses to “L’Occitane Rose 4 Reines Review”

  1. Emm January 2, 2012 at 11:44 pm #

    I have the same perfume in solid and I love it!! L’occitane makes me lose my mind:P

    • domesticminxes January 3, 2012 at 8:40 am #

      Me too! I find it so hard to go in there and not buy something. Usually a soap satisfies my need for things. I am glad you like the Rose range too 🙂
      ❤ MaSucree


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