Sydney Day Five – The Final Lot >_<

17 Dec

Oh look we finally got here! I’ve been pretty busy and completely unmotivated for blogging. Uni problems have put me in a very bad mood and the only thing I fancy doing on my days off and when I get home from work is watching The Office (I’ve loved the UK series for years, I’m watching the US version for the first time ever), and playing World of Warcraft.

Yep. Still got that addiction.

Anyway, on our last day in Sydney Sir Husband and I got up early to check out of the hotel. We stored our bags at reception while we headed down to Darling Harbour to kill time before our appointed time to see the Harry Potter Exhibition. Squee!

Since there were no photos allowed inside the exhibition (sucks to be you!), these photos are mostly from Darling Harbour.

Enjoy 🙂

There’s lots of pretty things to see at Darling Harbour ^_^

No make up and no hair-brushing. Oops.

I absolutely love fountains ^___^

These were cool, the way the jets spray the water make it look like it’s flowing upstream instead of down… If that makes sense!

There were inflatable Santas all over Darling Harbour O_O

See, more Santas in the background!

More neat water features ^_^

Another inflatable Santa… Aquarium themed O_O

This whole mural thing was made out of Lego. Woah O_O

Early lunch at the Harbourside mall ^_^

More interesting fountains…

It was really nice walking around Darling Harbour ^_^ This was when we were heading back towards the Powerhouse Museum for the Exhibition 😀

Strange… sculpture?

And finally… Just to tempt you, I have ONE photo from the Museum. I took this one because technically we weren’t in the exhibition yet, it was outside in the entrance hall thing. So it’s okay right?


In my defense, I spent $75 AUD on stuff when we were leaving the exhibition, I’m allowed a photo of a flying car. I kept to the rules inside the exhibition and didn’t take a single photo!

After the exhibition, we headed back to the hotel, picked up our luggage and took a train to the airport. We then had to hang around for HOURS before we could check in because for some unfathomable reason they started check-ins like an hour before the flight was meant to leave. What the heck right? I don’t want to think about how angry I got though >_<

We had dinner at the airport, then Sir Husband let me wander around Duty Free and I was allowed to buy TWO bottles of OPI nail polish ^_^ I’ll definitely be sharing them shortly.

All in all, we had a fantastic trip! It feels like I didn’t get much shopping done, but my bank account says otherwise 😉 If you’re heading to Sydney before March, you should DEFINITELY go to the Harry Potter Exhibition (if you’re into Harry Potter… but who isn’t?). It was fantastic, and I’ll be showing off my merchandise soon too 😀

I hope you enjoyed the photos I managed to take for you 🙂

Til next time~

-Del xx

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6 Responses to “Sydney Day Five – The Final Lot >_<”

  1. Sine Rose December 22, 2011 at 7:41 pm #



    I am giving you the WHATTHEDEVILISGOINGONHERE face right now

    • domesticminxes December 22, 2011 at 11:01 pm #

      CRAB SANTA. Right?!


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