L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer – Enchanting

16 Dec

Hello my groovy darlings, it is your favourite MaSucree here. (I better the only MaSucree in your life or else I’ll get jealous).

Last week Delindel and I got the last of our Cherry Culture orders for the year ūüė¶ Only cause it’s so hard to get anything sent to NZ in December XD. Most of the order was Gifts for Gabby’s mum but I got myself a couple of bottles: L.A.Colors quick dry top coat, metallic green and enchanting and then NYX Sea of Cortez and Emerald Forest.

Anyway so this post is about the various things I did with L.A. Colors Enchanting, all the polishes I used besides Enchanting were KleanColor.

WARNING: Post is picture heavy (like always lol).

At first I was a bit disappointed with Enchanting as it took several coats for me to get any decent colour out of it and it was very pale. You may have noticed from my usual selection of polish that they are either dark, vibrant or intense. So I was a bit sad that what was on my fingers was totally different to what it looked like in the bottle.

A very pretty colour, but not something I would wear by itself. It has this awesome golden, purple/fuschia dual colour to it that I was excited about. So what I did over the week was try it on top of other colours to see if I could bring the dual colours out.

So the first colour combinations I tried was Enchanting on top of KleanColors Black Nail Lacquer. In the photo above you can see the awesome orangey chrome that came out in it and in some lights you could see the purple which almost looked dark brown over the black.

This is my favourite colour combination out of all of the ones I tried. It is L.A.Colors Enchanting over KleanColor Metallic Purple. The Metallic Purple is usually a lot darker you can see it here. With Enchanting over top it looked more like metallic fuschia but with this awesome dual chrome look to it. I was just so happy with it.

This is another cool dual chrome combo, L.A. Colors Enchanting over KleanColor Metallic Aqua (my all time favourite polish).

L.A. Colors Enchanting over KleanColor Neon Fuschia. This one just made the neon more shimmery which was still pretty cool.

L.A. Colors Enchanting over KleanColor Sandstone. I don’t think I will wear this combo much but it is nice to know that sandstone could be used for a base for some of my other transparent polishes.

I had a lot of fun this week trying out all the different colour combinations with Enchanting. Now I am really glad that I got it. I have recently purchased a few other L.A. Color Nail Polishes and I am really impressed with the colour, dry time and how long it lasts. I would highly recommend this brand.

Hope you all have been keeping well and staying out of trouble. Till next time.

‚̧ MaSucree


One Response to “L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer – Enchanting”

  1. Emm December 16, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    Love the purple!

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