Sydney Day Three

6 Dec

Yay! Day Three sees Delindel and Sir Husband taking the ferry to Milsons Point to check out Luna Park. There’s quite a few nice photos in this one (in my opinion), courtesy of Sir Husband.

Sydney Day 3: Saturday 19 November 2011

Let’s not fluff about with pointless words… The main point of these posts is to share photos anyway! We started the day by catching a train from Central Station to Circular Quay. Sir Husband was keen to take photos of the train station because he is very interested in becoming a transport planner.

I know it’s blurry, it’s to point out that it’s always rush-rush in Sydney city train stations >_<

Exciting hmm?

Awkward self-pic on the train

Wat O_o Just after this photo, he shrugged his blanket off and he was shirtless…

Next we caught the ferry! Sir Husband takes the opportunity to snap obligatory photos of the Opera House.

The weather was ridonk hot and sticky!


Going under the harbour bridge…

Pulling up to the dock

Totally creepy face… You walk through its mouth to enter the park.

It’s basically a permanent fairground.

This one is actually my favourite shot :3

Eeeeek >_<

This ride was awesome but actually ruined our whole day. It made us feel completely sick for the rest of the day. Instead of going to Darling Harbour after we were done at the park like we had planned, we had to go back to the apartment and have a nap… but by dinner time I still felt nauseated and we ended up ordering from one of those Moving Menu things for dinner because I couldn’t stand the thought of going out again.

Sir Husband on the Ferris Wheel ^_^

View of the park from the wheel…

View of the harbour from the wheel! I was in charge of photos-on-the-wheel, because Hubbo has a weird phobia of dropping things from heights.

After the terrible-but-awesome ride, we gave up on going on anything else, and sat on the boardwalk for a while. Sir Husband had fun taking random photos…

Yep, that’s my foot XD

I actually adore this shot, I think it’s gorgeous.

Park map ^_^

Had enough? One more of the boardwalk thing!

Wasn’t that fun? Day Three wasn’t particularly eventful, as I warned yesterday. But there were some nice photos, right?

I’ll leave you with one more shot of the Opera House…

…and now I’m off to play with my new NYX polishes that I just picked up from MaSucree!

Til tomorrow~

-Del xx

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