Delindel and Sir Husband Jet to Sydney: Day One

1 Dec

Halloooo! I’m back home again and almost ready to start blogging again. I’m not going to lie, my “holiday” was so busy that I feel like I need a holiday to recover from it -_-‘ But alas! It’s been all go from the moment I got home!

Sir Husband and I got home last Tuesday at around 12.30am, after a relatively quick flight of around 2 and a half hours. Since then I’ve been on the go constantly with work and engagements with friends and family >_< I’ve been a bit relaxed about the blog because I’m sure you would all understand! After giving it some thought, I decided to go for a day by day recount of our time in Sydney. So hopefully I’ll be done in a few days! Miss MaSucree has been most unimpressed with how long I’ve been fluffing around avoiding blogging XD

Sydney Day 1: Thursday 17 November 2011

2.20am (NZ Time) – Drag self out of bed after minimal sleep, shower and complete final bag check. Sir Husband notes: “almost forget passports and tickets”… Oops!

3.30am – Leave for airport!

4.00am – Check in baggage, then get some Australian cash.

4.15am ish – McDonalds for breakfast in the airport. Del inhales hash browns and OJ.

4.30am – Breeze through customs with our shiny new e-passports, then browse Duty Free for a while. Del hunts for OPI nail polishes, before Sir Husband gets annoyed and drags her to the gate.

5.30am – Boarding time! Del realised once they’re on the plane that she has taken absolutely zero photos and she’s a sad pathetic excuse for a blogger, but she still doesn’t get out the camera. Sorry!

6.10am (NZ Time) – Take off! Annoying passenger in front of Del makes her feel rather claustrophobic for the entire flight. In-flight tea is surprisingly satisfying.

8.00am (Sydney Time!!!) – Flight lands. Del declares her half-eaten bag of pineapple lumps and has a squee over how cute the drug dogs are.

8.30am – Board the train after purchasing return airport tickets and weekly multi-passes for the trains, buses, trams and ferries.

8.45am – Get off train at Central Station (train has been completely packed with morning commuters). Try to navigate through terrifying pushy crowds! Manage to find exit eventually.

9.00am ish – Find hotel at top of Lee St. Sir Husband has booked us a top-floor serviced loft apartment at the Medina Executive. Since it’s too early to check in, we simply have our baggage stored while we go for a wander.

9.15am – Locate a cafe and get some second breakfast. Del selects a panini and some fresh pineapple juice.

9.45am – Go for a wander down George St.

10.15am – Del finds a jewellery shop and convinces Sir Husband to let her get a $20 cocktail ring.

Yay pretty ^_^

10.25am – Head over to the Queen Victoria Building and have a look around and generally relax. Del drools over ridonk expensive pretty things.

Sir Husband took and edited these ones, I didn’t feel like photographing things >_< Too busy dribbling over entire windows of sparkly shoes and clutches *dribble*

Here’s a less-contrasty version. No, I couldn’t just choose one, what are you talking about?

Okay that’s enough of the QVB. Sir Husband also took some truly awful photos of me that I refuse to share.

10.50am – Get lost in Myer trying to get to the Westfield.

11.05am – Find Westfield. Del locates the T2 shop and dithers over which two she shall pick (Sir Husband is rather strict). She ends up walking out with Choc Chip Chai and Brisbane Breakfast (yes, I should have picked Sydney Breakfast but I didn’t).

I haven’t tested them yet >_< Completely outrageous, I know!

11.45am – Head back to the Event cinema we had walked past earlier, because we are both knackered from walking and being up so early. Buy tickets to a 12pm session of Breaking Dawn because there’s not much on and Del has a secret addiction and loves to hate and hates to love Twilight.

Yeah I’m that cool. Movies are expensive in Sydney! That’s around $48 NZD for two adults O_o

2.15pm – Leave movies, walk back to apartments using T2 bag as umbrella because of silly misty rain that does nothing to alleviate the ridiculously high humidity.

2.30pm – Check in, dump stuff in room,  Del has a cold shower while Sir Husband takes obligatory (and boring) photos of room. Here’s a few.

The bedroom and bathroom were upstairs in the loft ^_^

4.30pm – Realise we are so hungry we can’t stand it. Leave the apartment and wander towards the market area. End up inside Market City and Del drags Sir Husband into an affordable Japanese place for dinner.

Again, photos were rather slack on the first day, but I can tell you that the edamame, tonkatsu rice dish, and iced green tea latte were very good. Sir Husband was quite confused by it all because he’s not really into Japanese food. I had fun showing him how to eat edamame because he tried to eat the whole thing and was disgusted when he realised he couldn’t chew the outside of the beans XD

5.30pm – Venture into central city Woolworths for a few groceries (milk, juice, cereal, muesli bar things, shower gel etc). Be warned: Don’t do it. Don’t go there. Ever. Most terrifyingly busy and confusing supermarket ever.

5.45pm – Supermarket exits directly into Town Hall station so we decide to catch a train back to Central to save walking in the rain again. Once we’re on a train we realise that it goes in a loop before going to Central instead of taking the direct route. Fail.

6.05 ish – Get off train at Central, exit station in the complete wrong direction. More walking (le sigh).

6.15pm – Del makes a dick of herself by failing to correctly use the room key in the elevator. Lovely girl at desk has to come over and show Del how to do it right. *blush*

6.20pm – Del and Sir Husband collapse on the couches. Hubbo pulls out the laptop and starts transferring minimal quantities of photos. Del pulls out her journal so that she could record all this ^

9.30pm – Del gives in and goes to sleep after watching two episodes of Game of Thrones on the laptop. Sir Husband has been asleep for an episode and a half already 😉

And that was our first day in Sydney! This took me a damn long time to type out, especially what with sorting out photos >_< It was such a daunting task in fact, that it’s been the main reason I’ve been silent for so long 😉

Now that I’ve broken ground on blogging about the trip though, I’m sure I’ll be much better!

Until tomorrow lovelies~

-Del xx (and Sir Husband)

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