Trilogy Everything Balm Review

29 Nov

Trilogy Everything Balm:

Link: Click here.

Ingredients (taken from their web page):

“Combining antioxidant-rich Certified Organic Marula Oil and Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, both revered for their skin healing and preservative properties, as well as Jojoba, Olive, Honey and Vitamin E to deeply nourish your skin. “

I’ve most likely been driving people nuts with my “Ask me what you use it for?” “What?” “Everything!”. But quiet literally since I’ve had it I’ve used my everything balm for everything. Ok darlings, not everything but you know what I mean. So you know that I love this product, here is the list of ingredients and the things I have used it for so far.

Hand Cream/ Barrier Cream: If my hands get sore and dry at work I put some of this on them and my hands slurp it up. It also helps as a barrier cream for the rest of the day (or till I wash my hands next).

Dry Feet: I suffer from the plague that is dry feet >< This is one of the few things that helps with out making my feet feel all greasy.

Face Cream: I have used this as both a moisturiser during the day, during the day under make up and at night mosituriser. Please be warned though that is does not have any spf in it so will not shield you from the sun. I used it as a day cream when I planned on being home all day. When I used it under makeup I made sure my makeup had spf in it 🙂 It sat perfectly underneath my makeup but you do have to make sure it is all soaked in before you put any foundation on top. I find it is excellent as a night cream 🙂 Its got all those good oils in it which makes the skin happy.

Chapped lips: No chap stick? No problems! Just swipe a little of this on and it will take away the nasty splitting feeling. Though not adviced as a replacement for lip balm as it soaks in super fast, but it is a good way to help your lips look better if they have been balmed deprived.

Base for lipstick: some lipsticks require a swipe of lipbalm so that it doesn’t look horrendous on your lips. You know what I mean, the whole chapped dry lips, some lipstick can have this effect no matter how well your lips look.  Lip balm can be a little bit too much sometimes, but because everything balm is designed to soak in it helps create a smooth service without dimming the colour.

Eyebrows: Since I wear light make up when it gets on my eyebrows they looked greyed out.  So out comes the everything balm to get rid of the foundation on them and it also helps smooth my eyebrows out 🙂

Sunburn: Gabby got himself a wicked sunburn the other day when he was out playing army man. So out came the everything balm and I rubbed it on. According to him it soothed and he hasn’t peeled either.

If you have space in your hand bag/ bag for only one thing make sure it is Everything Balm. It is pretty damn amazing! I am sure I’ll also find more uses for it too.

A million, billion stars.

❤ MaSucree


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