Australis Review

17 Nov

Since I have newly rediscovered my love for Australis with their Powder Cream Foundation and Eye-shadow Primer I have been looking into buying some more of their makeup products. Since my recent purchases of concealer, foundation and mascara did not live up to expectations I was in need of a few essential items. So I may have splurged…a bit…well a lot. I brought their Fresh and Flawless Pressed PowderPaparazzi Perfect HD Foundation, Paparazzi Perfect HD Brightner, Show Stopper Gloss Stick and Killer Curves Mascara. 😮 This post is a result of two seperate shopping hauls and in the process of proof reading I may have gone and brought more Australis products but I will review those later for you.


Pictured: Killer Curves Mascara, Paparazzi Perfect HD Foundation, Paparazzi Perfect HD Brightner, Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder and Show Stopper Gloss Stick.

Australis: Paparazzi Perfect HD Brightner:
Price: $21.50 NZD
Review: At first I was a bit bummed that I didn’t grab a concealer but it turns out I got something much better! I don’t really have too much of a problem with pimples or acne now that I am looking after my skin, so what I really need is something light weight that smoothes out my skin and hides any dark/shadowy bits.  Most concealers have a habit of making your skin look chalky and pale and add yet another layer of make up, instead this product smooths and hides all the right bits without actually drowning your skin. Exactly what I need! It is super light weight so be sure to put it on with your fingers or else it gets sucked into the sponge.  Perfection in a tube, I would be prepared to step outside with just this on my skin. ❤

Five Stars.

AustralisPaparazzi Perfect HD Foundation in Nude
Price: $26.50 NZD
Review: At first I wasn’t sure on this foundation, but I gave myself a good week to try it out. By itself it does not offer too much coverage, a good natural look but I do prefer my matte, pale lady look. This looks lovely over top of the brightner for a natural look but also looks fab underneath the pressed powder I got. Just like the brightner it is light weight and it does not feel like you have makeup on, nor does it look like you have a layer of makeup on which is excellent cause no one suits the “I feel into my makeup look”  ;-). Again you should try and put this on with your fingers as I found my sponge just ate it O_O

Four Stars.

Australis: Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder in Nude:
Price: $20.20 NZD
Review: This is another product like the cream powder that I used to wear in High School and for some reason I stopped. Now that I have gone back to it there is no way I am leaving this out of make up routine. It is perfect with just the brightner as well as lovely with the brightner and liquid foundation. It also helps your make up last all day and is the perfect touch up tool (I literally powder my nose XD). Its soft, silky and very light weight. I stopped layering my makeup as I found it did not let my skin breathe and I felt like I had that whole “I feel into my makeup” look going on. This comes with a little compartment underneath with the perfect sponge, you have to apply this with the sponge or else it wont work as well.

Five Stars.

Australis: Show Stopper Gloss Stick in Hoola Hoop
Price: $17.50 NZD
Review: I have never tried any of the stick as lipstick or lip gloss things so I was brave and brought this on a whim (ok I know thats what most of my shopping is like but ssssh). It turned out to be a good gamble. This gloss stick is pretty much like using a lipstick/balm. It can be layered to look like gloss or lipstick or you can leave it as one layer and use it like a lipstain. Even when all the glossy bit has come off your lips are still nicely stained with the colour. Hoola Hoop is a lovely shade and I have worn it to work several times, a nice bright cherry colour that isn’t too bombshell.

Four Stars.

Australis: Killer Curves Mascara in Black Brown
Price: $19.00 NZD
Review: Looooove! Makes my eyelashes look long and bountiful without the nasty clumpyness. Lasts all day long and comes off easily at night. Perfect, what more can I say besides GO NOW and buy one!

Four and a half stars.

So there you have it my darlings my latest Australis haul and of course it will not be my last as I am totally in love with this brand (again). I hope you can get it from where ever you are.

❤ MaSucree


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