Shopping Expedition, Nails of the Day, and a Small Farewell

15 Nov

Well that’s another lot of exams out of the way and off my mind! There’s nothing quite like that feeling of knowing you don’t have any more exams >_< Today to celebrate I ventured outside with my sister and two of her three monkeys (the oldest one was at school!!), and we headed out to New Lynn and then to Dressmart in Onehunga… I may or may not have spent a buttload of money. And Sir Husband may or may not be a smidge unimpressed with me. But I had heaps of fun, and helped my sister choose the perfect dress and jewellery for her big night out this Saturday ^_^

Wanna see my haul?

So first we have a belt and skirt from the Pagani outlet in New Lynn ^_^

And a new long top to wear with leggings from City Chic in Dressmart.

And I couldn’t say no to these two pairs of togs – they were down from $140 to $30 !!!! I liked them both so much I decided, why not?! These were from a store in Dressmart, I THINK it was called Beach Hut but I can’t find that in the store directory on the website. It was right next to City Chic anyway.

So I’ve got a few nice new things to put in my suitcase for Sydney ^_^ I also got some not-clothes things too!

I got some Scotch tape to play with. Slightly better quality than the crappy tape I’ve been using >_< I also picked up some cuter-packaged Wizard Pads (that I reviewed here), I got the grape, rose and cherry scented ones. Gotta love Kleancolor stuff!! I also picked up a random face scrub from Postie, because after reading MaSucree’s post about skincare I was feeling a bit guilty about how neglected my skin is >_<

I got a pretty scarf from Monica in Lynn Mall for only $5 ^_^ I also picked up two more Kleancolor polishes from Postie – #116 Midnight Queen, and #140 Pastel Purple (and our latest Beauty Joint order arrived today, so I’m picking up some more Kleancolor polishes from MaSucree tomorrow… I have 6 >_< ), and I also picked up a daily calendar for my computer desk for next year from the random calendar stalls that pop up in the centre of the malls around this time of year. It’s a World of Warcraft one because that game is my not-so-secret shame. I haven’t really spoken about it on the blog, but I’m horribly addicted and I may or may not play every day… Anyway, yay! Daily calendar!

Didn’t I do well? I’m quite pleased with myself. Sir Husband slightly less so. I still have enough money saved for buying tea in Sydney, which is my primary concern 😉 We’re leaving at 6am on Thursday morning so I’m not sure if you’ll hear from me again until I’m back!

So I thought I’d leave you with the latest experiment with nail polish and tape… just for fun. At least I posted other stuff too, right?

See how the cheap tape doesn’t make perfect lines? 😉 This was done with Jordana Silky Purple and Jordana Hypnotising, and I got the idea from Chloe’s Nails again.

See you guys when I’m back from Sydney! I’ll be sure to take a butt-tonne of photos!

-Del xx


2 Responses to “Shopping Expedition, Nails of the Day, and a Small Farewell”

  1. Emm November 16, 2011 at 8:23 am #

    I have to buy something from kleancolor now!!!

    • domesticminxes November 16, 2011 at 10:06 am #

      Oh you definitely should! Such great quality for reasonable prices ❤

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