Lotions and Potions and Looking After your Skin

13 Nov

So those of you who have been reading for awhile may have picked up on the fact that I have a shopping problem, clothes, jewellery, cute things and shoes. Beauty products and makeup are the top of my regular offending list. I also have very senstive and particular skin so this also means I have tried a lot of different products. Now that I have become a bit wiser (and moved out of home with a tighter budget) I know what works for me. I also learnt the lesson that you need to look after your skin. So my idea for this post is to share with you the lotions and potions I regularly use and some of the advice, tips, tricks and hints I have picked up along the way that may help you look after your skin.

All the advice, tips, tricks and hints I have accumulated here are from my own brain or from magazines, parental/friendly advice and from trials I have done with different products over the years. I don’t pretend that I know what I am doing or that I am an expert. These are just things  that work for me. If something sounds silly or doesn’t work for you then please do not do it.  As I said these are things that work for me.

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Note: Most of these products have been reviewed already by me, just search our blog for them 🙂

No matter how good or perfect your are at putting on makeup if you do not look after your skin it will not matter. I am sure we can all conjour up images of a younger self or another person who has piled on the makeup ontop of scaly, pimple covered, tired, etc skin. Not a good look. We all want that flawless look and think it is so hard to get but really it’s not. You don’t have to spend heaps on fancy makeup to get it, you just have to look after the skin you’re going to put it on top of.

Even if you skimp on your cosmetics don’t skimp on your face creams. If you really have to, buy a good eye cream and a cheaper face cream. You should always look after the skin round your eyes and on your hands. That is where age is usually shown. I am not talking about buying the most expensive cream out there, but I am talking about buying a good quality cream that does all the right things for you.

I find moisurising both day and night (no excuses) really does help. Unlike the rest of you your face is always on the display and always getting beaten about by daily tasks and the enviroment. During the day always wear something with spf in it or else I will reach through the internet and haunt you FOREVER! XD no really look after your face and protect it from the sun.


For my own personal face routine I use ZA true white plus cream, which is a really good base for my makeup as well as helps smooth out any teeny tiny imperfections like scars, left over pimples, etc. I am however on the market for a new face cream as the ZA on does not have spf in it despite it being super amazing. I also use my AUM firming eye cream as which makes my eyes looks ten times better. In the evening  I put on my trilogy Rosehip oil or my Trilogy Everything Balm which is a little more intense for night time use. I also have to admit I use nappy cream around my eyes as I get really bad ezscema round my eyes.

You can use one eye and face cream for both night and day but I find it preferable for the day to have something that my makeup sits nicely on top and then for evening something that is gonna work hard and help my skin while I sleep. If you can find a cream that does all that for you send me an email at domestic.minxes@gmail.com cause I want it too XD.

The best way to keep your skin looking good is to exfoliate regularly. Do not exfoliate every day, the aim is to get rid of dead skin cells not all of them. Once a week is a must and twice a week if feel you really need it. When I say exfoliate I mean EVERYTHING! A gentle facial scrub for your face and neck and a gentle body scrub for the rest of you i.e. torso, arms, legs, hands, elbows and feet.  I use St Ives Gentle Apricot Facial Scrub for sensitive skin and AUM purifying body scrub (see above photo for both products) for the rest of me.

After you have exfoliated do not forget to moisturise yourself or else you run the risk of drying out and going scaly. If you have sensitive skin it also seems to stop your skin from freaking out. My philosphy is “be nice to your skin”. Due to me having sensitive skin I find that ex foliating my face once to twice a week is enough, so I do not use a daily cleanser, toner or face wash. I just remove my make up and wash my face. Again this works for me but may not work for you. If you want or need to use a face wash find something that does not strip the oil out of your skin because this can cause irritation or have a reverse effect.


It may seem like a bit of hassle and life does get in the way trust me, but try and moisturise your skin at least once everyday. Your skin will not only feel better but look better. When everything goes according to plan I use my Burt’s Bee’s Radiance Body Lotion in the morning after my shower and at night before bed my AUM replenishing body butter. As I said life does get in the way so don’t beat yourself up over it. I have to admit I only enforce the twice a day routine when it is coming up to summer and I wish to reveal more of my arms and legs to the world.


So I have mentioned moisturising everywhere but I do want to make special mention of your hands. This is something I personally have only just taken up doing after getting a much needed lecture from Delindel about using hand cream more than once a day. Your hands are one of the most hard working parts of your body and can either be kind or nasty about revealing how old you are. My job involves using my hands a lot which means they get banged and scratched and dry out. So I have several different hand creams that I interchange to help look after them. I use Scully’s Bulgarian Rose hand cream which is soft and gentle with a lovely smell. It isn’t too greasy either which means it soaks in very quickly and you can go about your day faster, I use this when my hand are already looking good just to maintain them. When I need to kick start my hand cream regeme I use either my burt’s bees beeswax and banana hand cream or my Trilogy everything balm. If you can not manage as many times as possible a day try and do it before bed and make it a heavy duty hard working hand cream that will help smooth out the day’s hard work.

Please don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do the above things as often as I say, cause really life gets in the way for me too and I don’t always do what I say I should.

I hope that post can help you in some way. If you have any questions flick me an email or drop me a comment.

❤ MaSucree


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