Nails of the Day ~ Exam Nails!

12 Nov

Very quick post to report that I survived the horrific ordeal that was my politics exam. Did I do well? Not likely. Did I even pass? Probably not, but we’ll see. Did I turn up and not wuss out? YES! At least there’s one thing to be proud of 😉

I often paint my nails as a way of relaxing, so of course this morning I cleaned off yesterday’s first attempt at nail art, and burrowed around in my polish drawer and came out with this lovely colour… (Sorry that it’s more nails!)

This is a Boots N07 ‘Stay Perfect’ nail polish. I bought it about a year ago from Postie, which is well-known here in NZ for selling cheap discontinued nail polishes! I can’t recall how much it cost, I do know that I bought two colours of this brand and I’m glad I did – they’re both beautiful. Not particularly durable, but with a top coat that’s irrelevant.

This colour is ‘Sorbet’. I’ve been trawling the internet and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a limited edition that is no longer available. The case is the same for the other colour I picked up, ‘Taffeta’, which I’ll probably show off at some point soon. This polish makes me feel all nostalgic and happy about last summer, when I got the job at Overland. This was my go-to polish for summer 2010, and wearing it makes me think about that time when I was still just a fiancee, and all my time was spent in the sun at Sir Husband’s parents’ house (where we lived while we found a new place to rent). It makes me think of new shoes, summer dresses, sparkling wine, strawberries and Christmas/New Year!

It’s a peachy pink coral shimmer with very strong green iridescence. It seems like a strange combination at first, but all it does is make this polish oh-so-unique and beautiful. When I have this colour on, I spend a lot of time flexing my fingers back and forth to see the colours. This is two coats, no top coat.

I thought that wearing this polish was an excellent way of calming the nerves before an exam. What do you guys think?

Do any of you have any products that make you feel nostalgic? I also get nostalgic over vanilla mint Chapstick >_<

-Del xx


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