Vodafone NZ Music Awards

5 Nov

So, as I mentioned yesterday when I showed off my awesome nails, I was lucky enough to be offered a free ticket to this year’s Vodafone NZ Music Awards by the lovely Miss Teal Amy. The event took place on Thursday night, and I had a great time! I was a bit lazy with photos because my bag was small and I didn’t feel like constantly rummaging through it for my camera XD I’ve got a few snapshots to share, and a few I don’t really feel like sharing but probably will anyway…

Anyhow, the night started with Sir Husband and I catching a bus together to the city (he was going on a man-date with the best man from our wedding, awwww how cute)! When I got to the city I met up with Miss Amy at the Downtown Westfield shopping centre and we headed to the Postie there. Amy was very restrained and didn’t buy anything, but I made a couple of purchases that I will no doubt share tomorrow (in addition to some I made today when I was meant to be going to work…). Anyway, yay for shopping!

After that we headed over to Amy’s place, picking up some sushi for dinner. Well, I got a bento box. Close enough 😀 Then I hung out by myself while Miss Amy went and primped a bit in her bathroom! I took the time to attempt to take photos of my very simple natural makeup:

Apparently that’s the best my pathetic camera can do… I look strange without glasses, even with my eyes closed! Here’s what I usually look like:

Glasses make more sense on me. Then Miss Amy came back! I snapped a few photos of her while she complained loudly and threatened me with death if I posted these. I expect an arrow in my chest any day now.

"Stop taking photos!"

"STOP IT!!!!!!"

 I pride myself on my evil ways… I helped Miss Amy perfect her eye makeup ^_^ That counteracts the evil, right?

Apparently I’m one of those people who can’t take the hold-out-your-arm-with-camera photos.

Then we walked all the way down to Vector Arena for the awards! This was the part where I didn’t bother taking photos. I kind of wish I had, there was so much to look at! I was mostly ogling other women’s shoes.  There were some really neat ones and some really hot ones and some really disgusting ones XD Most of my fun derived from watching young girls wobbling around in heels they clearly couldn’t handle. I have no delusions about my own heel-wearing abilities, so it makes me giggle when I see girls who clearly DO have delusions.

Here’s a photo of inside. It’s not particularly great and you can’t see anyone famous because we were further up and also the awards hadn’t started at this point XD But there were pretty colours.

I had a great time, and got to see two of my current favourite bands perform, The Naked and Famous, and Avalanche City. They were both fantastic!! Naked and Famous won a LOT of awards, which I was quite pleased about, but I love Avalanche City so much that I kept wishing that he would win something. It’s a shame that most people only seem to know that one song Love, Love, Love. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a gorgeous song, but I have the album and some of the other ones are amazing!

Brooke Fraser really dominated the evening, to be honest I had kind of forgotten about her because I don’t listen to the radio. But her performance really opened my eyes and I definitely think I’ll be getting her most recent record.

The best thing about New Zealand music is that everyone performing live sounds exactly like they do on their records. No studio “perfecting” out these ways! It makes the live performances so much more enjoyable. Here’s another photo of Amy and I ‘enjoying’ the performances…

God that’s terrifying. Apparently I am cursed with being non-photogenic! I always make daft faces like this one XD

Anyway, after the awards finished we headed back to Amy’s (stopping for chocolate and energy drinks because that’s how we roll), and I got Sir Husband to pick me up since there were no more buses going. Then I came home, and had a cup of tea, settled down with a book, and snapped some photos of little Suki-cat being adorable with Sir Husband.

And here is where I leave you with a cute photo of my cat. Because I am a cat lady. And darn proud of it!

I don’t know why some people don’t like cats >_<

Until tomorrow luvs,

-Del xx


2 Responses to “Vodafone NZ Music Awards”

  1. amynu201 November 5, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

    Awesome ^_^ pity the first 2 photos of my are hideous lol!

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