Kleancolor and OPI Swatches

2 Nov

Just a couple of nails today! Because everyone loves nail polish… Right? RIGHT!? I’ve got two very different swatches to show off!

The first is from the beloved Kleancolor:

This is one coat of #234 Chunky Holo Purple layered over one coat of #167 Metallic Purple. No top coat! This stayed on for a good 2 days before chipping at the tips, see why I love Kleancolor?

Miss MaSucree liked this look so much she even said it may turn her on to glitters! WOAH! The chunky holo range is great, they look fantastic in the sun ❤

Second swatch for you is an O.P.I that I was silly enough to pay full price for:

This is two coats of Tickle My France-y and I only manage to get one day before chipping. This nail polish has become the bane of my life for two reasons: 1. I hate it. 2. I love it.

I absolutely love this colour. I adore it. It has become my actual favourite polish because it is so lovely, neutral, classy, and shiny. The formula is great, drying time is not too bad, and the bottle is nice and big.

I absolutely hate it because it costs $25 NZD bottle as opposed to Kleancolor’s $1.75 USD (that’s about $2.17 NZD) for a bottle the same size. I hate it because it’s so sheer I need at LEAST two coats and even then there is a very clear VNL (visible nail line) and that’s not what I want. I hate it because I will use so much more of this stuff (because it just doesn’t last as long) and it’s so expensive that I’ll never be able to afford a new bottle when I run out.

That being said, it’s still my favourite polish I’ve ever had. Which is weird because I’ve never felt this strongly about other O.P.Is that I’ve had over the years (all given to me of course…)

Of course, I’m now on the hunt for an acceptable Kleancolor dupe. I’ve got my eye on a couple and will be placing an order at BeautyJoint with MaSu any day now… Wish me luck eh 😉 I’ll be swatching them when they get here!

Do you think my reaction to the O.P.I is appropriate? What do you guys think of it? And what do you think of the Kleancolors?!

-Del xx


2 Responses to “Kleancolor and OPI Swatches”

  1. KirstenM November 2, 2011 at 12:25 pm #

    I adore the O.P.I colour – it looks absolutely stunning! Think I’ll definitely be putting that one on my ‘to-buy’ list. I haven’t used any KleanColor polishs, so can’t comment on them but I love O.P.I ones. My tip with O.P.I is to either get them duty free (usually 2 for either $20 or $30) or place an order for them from the US where they’re only around $8.00.


    • domesticminxes November 2, 2011 at 4:49 pm #

      Oh thanks for the tip Kir! I’ll have to pick some up duty free when we jet to Sydney! You should definitely add it to your to-buy list, you won’t regret it until the bottle starts running low and you have to replace it 😉

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