Staying Organised the Crafty Way

1 Nov

Oh-so-typically I’m feeling mighty guilty again! There’s nothing like making a comeback and stating that you’re not dead to make everything else in your life come knocking at your door! First I got sick, then I had work, then I got news that was cripplingly disappointing, then I had a huge assignment to do that was worth 50% of my final mark for the paper… You get what I’m talking about? Not much blogworthiness in that!

However since it’s the first of the month I thought it’s time to start anew and reignite my dedication! What better way than to show off how I organise myself?

My sister made this for me back in August and it’s really great. Despite the fact that I have two diaries in addition to this (my personal diary for work/appointments etc, and a student diary for assignments and exams), I’ve been notorious in the past for being rather forgetful! I think it’s because my diaries are weekly ones – I always forget to look ahead and they tend to stay in my bags. So this monthly calendar is great for me – I can see weeks in advance and make sure everything fits together just perfect. My wonderful wonderful sister also personalised this for me – the scrapbooking paper in the background is leftover cut-offs from our wedding invitations (which we made by hand)!

This monthly calendar is fantastic because all I need is a couple of non-permanent markers, and a damp paper towel at the end of the month >_<

I have no instructions on how to make this but I would think it’s fairly simple. Mrs Sister sent me a bunch of photos of the crafting process but neglected to send step-by-step instructions. I’ll let her gorgeous photos speak for themselves. Prepare for many photos! Needless to say, these all belong to my sister…


The ribbon she chose is also leftover from the wedding invitations ❤

What do you guys think? Isn’t my sister great?! She does crafty stuff like this all time, but she’s a bit busy with her three munchkins to have time to put it on the internet.

However, she’s got a blog that she plans on reviving, so keep an eye out there, and she’s just opened a Flickr account (literally JUST) so keep an eye out there too, she says she’ll be uploading stuff there from now on! She’s actually a pretty fantastic photographer in addition to being such an awesomely crafty mum (and she can cook to boot). She also has the three cutest models 😉

How do you guys keep all your appointments and dates straight? Am I the only forgetful one out there?!

-Del xx


7 Responses to “Staying Organised the Crafty Way”

  1. MrsSister November 1, 2011 at 7:11 pm #

    ❤ You buglet! Thanks for featuring my things on your blog!

    • domesticminxes November 2, 2011 at 9:38 am #

      ❤ you sister! Please continue to make awesome crafty things for me. A wedding scrapbook would not go amiss 😉

  2. KirstenM November 1, 2011 at 7:26 pm #

    Really clever idea! Love that the paper’s from your wedding – how wonderful is that?!

    • domesticminxes November 1, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

      Yeah it makes it just that little bit extra special! It’s quite easy, you just do the grid and days of the week on the underside of the glass in permanent marker, then change the dates and month on the top ^_^ It’s just nicer than having a normal calendar that you throw out at the end of every year.

  3. Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge November 2, 2011 at 8:00 am #

    Really nice! I do envy the crafty types… I always give things like this a go, but end up a bit baffled at how the end result looks. After looking at it for so long I can’t tell if I’m sick of it or it’s just not good! 🙂
    This is really pretty!

    • domesticminxes November 2, 2011 at 9:37 am #

      Hehe thanks Zo! My sister is actually incredibly awesome at this crafty stuff, she really has an eye for it. I always thought that she’d make a fantastic interior designer! She’s completely pro at scrapbooking. One time she tried to get me into it, but my end result was just plain embarrassing. She has a knack for planning everything out in her head, whereas I’m the slapbang-make-it-up-as-I-go type of person. I have the same approach to jewellery-making but luckily the freeform look ends up pretty good for jewels! 😉
      We’ll just have to keep trying eh!


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