Peek into my Makeup Bag: Almay Eyeshadow

14 Oct

Hello everyone!

I hope you have been enjoying your week, I am on my first day of my weekend and have been enjoying the sunshine. I went out to lunch today with my mum and dad and ate delicious Turkish food from this most excellent cafe called (funnily enough) “The little Turkish Cafe“. The food was amazing and very well priced. I had the Lamb Satay Kebab. You can download their menu here. Definitely give them a go they’re at 217 Karangahape Rd, Auckland Central.

Anyway let’s dive into my makeup bag again and see what else I can show you.

I have briefly reviewed Almay but I wanted to show you some swatches so you can see for your self how lovely they are. The collection I mainly use is their eye colour enhancing shadows which is called intense i-color. I have green eyes so I pick the Green eyes enhancing eye shadows. I have three different eye shadow trios which gives me a bit of choice.

As you can tell they are very well used, except for the green one on the left. Only recently have I got up the courage to wear it and I am glad I did. It’s something a little bit different. For some of my artsy shots for the middle one I used the spare that I have cause it looks nicer XD.


So this one is from the original intense i-color shadow range. There really is some lovely colours in this range for all different eye colors. Almay is not a cheap brand which usually goes for $28.50 here in New Zealand but it really is worth it.


These pinky red colour would be the colours I use a lot (thats why I have a spare). When I originally brought this trio they were part of the standard eye shadow range but I think they have turned this collection into the Almay intense i-color smoky-i range. It is a little different but relatively the same. I often pair these colours with the Almay intense i-color eyeliner in raisin.

This is what they look like on (I luckily decided to wear these colours today when I went out to luch with mum).


Again this one is very well used and is from the intense i-color with light interplay technology range (long name I know).

I really enjoy using this Almay range as they make my Green eyes really stand out. If you want to make your eye colour pop out, give Almay a go, as you don’t have to make the colour choices yourself someone else has already done it. It is also a lovely product to use, I have very senstive eye skin and some eyeshadows can irritate it, but I have no problems with the Almay brand.

Five Stars

❤ MaSucree


2 Responses to “Peek into my Makeup Bag: Almay Eyeshadow”

  1. Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge October 23, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    I wish you were closer! I could use make up help. Not sure how to deal with the tiny wrinkles around my eyes – besides carving them out!!!
    Make up just seems to make me look older instead of better now-a-days.

    🙂 Zo

    • domesticminxes October 23, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

      Gah! I know I get that too! I get eczema round my eyes which has caused lines no matter what I do it makes them worse argh! I would highly recommend the AUM eye cream and rosehip oil I use or anything close to it you have whee ever you live.
      I am always here if you need help though, I totally love makeup and giving advice on it.

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