More Tea – After Dinner Mint

14 Oct

You know I’ve been busy when all I have time to talk about is tea and nail polish 😉 Here’s another tea review, obviously from Aaah Tea. This one is the After Dinner Mint, one of their many flavoured blacks (my favourite kinds). Yay! I am in superlove with this tea – black Ceylon with chocolate, peppermint, spearmint, apple pieces and (best of all!) macadamia nuts. Heaven much?!

Now doesn’t that look damn fine? I’ll tell you something right now – it tastes damn fine. And smells damn fine. It’s especially fantastic when you pair it with a couple of chunks of Cadbury’s Black Forest chocolate! Best dessert I’ve had in a while.

Brew this one for around 4 minutes, and add some milk. I’ve tried this tea a couple of times, experimenting with the addition of sugar / other sweetener, and I think the best way to have it is with a smidge of plain sugar. It helps enhance all the beautiful flavours!

This one is so deliciously warming and nutty because of the chocolate and macadamia, while the peppermint and spearmint give a little refreshing zing. Just what you want after dinner!

Seriously. Chocolate in a tea with macadamia and spearmint. Seriously. How ridiculously perfect is that?

Verdict: Five gajillion stars. For serious!

Do it. I dare you.

-Del xx

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