Nightea Night Review

12 Oct

Hurrah, another tea review from the beloved Aaah Tea ❤ This one is extra special because it’s a request from a reader! After receiving the request I sent off an email to the lovely and oh-so-accommodating Tash at Aaah, and got a sample sent out lickety-split. Today’s is the Nightea Night healing herbal blend – a lovely simple sleepy-time tea!

So this one is a nice, (relatively) simple blend of organic chamomile flowers, organic peppermint leaf, and passionflower. Instructions are very simple – one heaped teaspoon per cup, 100°  water, infuse for 10 minutes, then drink it (without milk) before bedtime!

Now, as a stressed-out uni student I can find it quite hard to relax before bedtime; my mind moves a mile a minute! I also have a lot of trouble with restlessness throughout the night – I often wake up 4 – 5 times a night. So I was quite looking forward to testing this out and seeing how it affected my sleep.

This tea is very very easy to drink, it doesn’t get bitter at the end of the cup (unlike other “calming” teas I’ve tried), and its gentle wafting scent really does start to calm you down with every breath. A mix of traditional calming herbs, it lives up to its name as Aaah’s top-selling tea! The peppermint leaves you feeling calm yet refreshed, while the chamomile leaves you feeling very sleepy and ready for bed.

Sorry these photos aren’t too hot – it was about 11pm when I made this cup!

I found that this blend really did help my mind calm down before bed – for once it didn’t take me over an hour to fall asleep! I also only woke up twice in the night rather than the usual 4 or 5. Definite improvement!

If you have sleeping troubles, I definitely recommend you give this blend a go. I found it to be much more effective than similar blends I have purchased from the supermarket in the past. I still think it has something to do with the fact that its loose leaf rather than teabags!


Until tomorrow lovelies~

-Del xx

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