New Shoes, and All About Gorgeous Jewellery

10 Oct

I swear, I’m trying hard to post whenever I can! Yesterday was, as predicted, a very long day at work but surprisingly not that busy. I guess everyone was making the most of the lovely weather! I had the opportunity to test out the new pair of summer shoes I bought on Friday!

Obviously they’re from Overland, they’re called Sicily, come in tan and black, and will set you back NZD$179.90. Price aside, they’re fantastically comfortable, they’re genuine leather with a soft leather sock (much more cushioning), they’ll last practically forever… And they look great ^__^

I’m terrible at heels… Like truly terrible. So I went for these little ones. I don’t wobble or feel dangerously tall!

Gratuitous shoe shots over now, I swear. Next I want to talk about Gorgeous Jewellery and my experience with them.

Gorgeous Jewellery is a small Auckland-based company that sells beautiful handmade jewellery featuring Swarovski components, with particular attention to wedding jewellery. The company is so small, in fact, that every piece is designed and handmade by the lovely Michelle Goulevitch, who was I was lucky enough to meet! I first came across Gorgeous Jewellery on Facebook, where a friend had linked the page and encouraged us all to “like” it. Little did I know that upon “liking” the page, I would fill out a form to automatically go into the draw to win any number of fantastic prizes!

My favourite thing about Michelle and Gorgeous Jewellery is that they are very active in getting “the gorgeous word” out there, especially in the social networking world. The Facebook page is constantly updated, and with each new milestone they reach, Michelle announces winners that are randomly picked. Prizes are announced before the milestone is reached, and they include things such as a free pair of Swarovski earrings, to a $25 voucher, a $50 voucher, or a myriad of other things that Michelle decides on!

I, of course, was lucky enough to win a draw! I was the proud recipient of a $50 voucher back in September, but it took me until October to actually make a decision as to what I wanted. Now we all know I’ve been placed on a shopping ban (wait, do we? Well I have), so I tried to aim to use the whole $50 at once and not go too much over. Eventually I came across the lovely Megan Honey Bracelet, which features powdered almond pearls and light topaz Swarovski crystals. I’m a sucker for warm natural honey tones, and at $45 I couldn’t say no! So I took the plunge and ordered my bracelet. Upon ordering I received an email from Michelle confirming the details of my bracelet – she makes them to order and she had to confirm that my tiny wrist was actually as tiny as I said! >_<

After I had confirmed that my wrist was indeed that tiny, Michelle asked me if I would prefer to pick my bracelet up once it was ready, because it turns out that she actually lives down my street! I truly loved dealing with Michelle, she made everything super easy and was very friendly and approachable. When I went to her house to pick up my new bracelet, she invited me inside and insisted I have a seat while she went to grab my bracelet. She even put it on for me just to triple-confirm the size! Talk about service >_< Anyway! Here is what I went home with:

Packaged in a sweet white organza bag (remember she deals primarily with brides and the like), it also included a business card (which I also got an additional stack of to give out);

as well as a card giving some jewellery care tips:

I don’t know about you, but if a person selling me something actually wants me to learn how to look after it, I’m going to have faith in the product and fall in love. And that’s what’s happened!

It’s been a combination of Michelle’s lovely, easy-going demeanour, the amazing incentives for fans on Facebook to spread the word (I believe loyal customers make a company), and the simply stunning designs that Michelle creates. Since I dabble a bit in jewellery-making myself we had a bit of a chat about it while I was there, and I must say I’m very pleased with her workmanship and the quality of her materials. Too often “handmade jewellery” can equate to “gorgeous handmade stuff that will fall apart after 3 wears”, but I’ve worn my bracelet for entire days (including uni and work) and it definitely stands the wearability test.

So. To all the New Zealand brides out there currently struggling to find something to wear on your big day (or even to brides overseas; she ships internationally!), DEFINITELY go check out Michelle’s website. Even if you can’t find exactly what you want, she’s quite happy to do custom designs – just fill out the custom design consultation form and you’ll hear back from her very quickly. Michelle’s designs are an excellent way to add a bit more uniqueness to your special day! This isn’t a formal review, but I give Michelle and Gorgeous Jewellery FIVE BILLION STARS.

And since this post is now long enough, I’m going to go make a cup of Irish Afternoon, read a book, and leave you with these sneaky buggers hiding in my potted pansies:

Until tomorrow! 😉

-Del xx



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