Update on Delindel

8 Oct

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s been so long since I posted that I feel ridiculously guilty and it makes it harder to think of what to post about! So instead of doing something daunting, I thought I’d share a little update on what’s going on (and why I’ve been so lax about posting).

First and foremost, I am fantastically excited to announce that Sir Husband and I have finally taken the leap and organised our honeymoon! On the 17th of November we’ll be jetting off to Sydney for 4 nights and 5 days, and I’m very happy about this, especially since we got married back in February! -_-‘ My exams will be over (that lucky sod Husband doesn’t have any exams), and it will be my third time out of the country in my whole 22 years! Sadly, all three of those times will have been to Australia, but ah well. Much better than a kick in the pants 😉

I left all the arranging flights and accommodation to Sir Husband because he’s much better at that kind of thing than I am, plus I trust him with money where I don’t trust myself >< He opted for the Medina Executive in the central city, and as far as I’m aware he’s booked us an apartment. Which I’m quite excited about because it means I’ll be able to cook and whatnot ^__^

I think he chose this one because he likes old buildings – initially he had been looking at the Medina situated in Darling Harbour. This one is situated very very close to the Chinese Garden of Friendship, Chinatown, and Paddy’s Markets at Haymarket (for me, because he knows me so well).

It looks quite nice, hopefully it is! So yeah, when I’m not cooking in our apartment, we’ll be living on Chinese food I think. Yum ^_^

I’ve already researched and lined up a few tea places to check out (because apparently that’s my first instinct), and I’m looking forward to bringing home a bunch of teas I can’t get here quite so easily! We also have a few activities planned, such as the zoo and aquarium; but our major attraction was the Harry Potter exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, which will start just after we get there! We’re booking tickets for its second day open, it’s a shame it will probably be so busy but we’re happy we’ll be able to go at all.

So Sir Husband and I have been busy planning out our trip, and daydreaming about it when we should be studying and working on essays and presentations and whatnot. It’s very distracting!

However, in addition to the planning, I have actually managed to get some study in. That’s part of why I haven’t been around, I had a huge test on Thursday so spent the days in between Sunday (when I last posted) and Thursday studying for it. Then I had work Thursday night, then on Friday I had uni and went to work to buy new shoes and cooked dinner for my boys and did some more study and played World of Warcraft and felt altogether too lazy to think of something to say to you all. So here I am at midday on a Saturday. Still in my pyjamas I might add.

Tonight I’m heading over to the Cock & Bull at Botany for a dinner with the other lovely girls from work. I’m looking forward to it! We did the fundraising for it a few weeks ago so hopefully I won’t have to spend a penny. I still haven’t decided what I’m wearing…

This is getting quite long and I don’t have enough pictures to make it worth your while, so maybe I’ll leave this where it is. The general gist is, I’ve been busy and I’m sorry I’ve not been around! I’ll be back either tomorrow night or sometime on Monday. Working weekend days always leaves me super exhausted too, and with the school holidays just starting, I’m expecting the mall to be insanely busy tomorrow!

Oh! Before I go, does anyone have any suggestions of stores/sites/food/things to do in Sydney? I want to make the most of our trip and I’ve only been to Sydney once before (for a school thing, so I didn’t have much free reign to go exploring), and Sir Husband hasn’t been there at all. Leave a comment or flick me an email either at domestic.minxes@gmail.com, or delindel.dani@gmail.com.


-Del xx


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