Recent Purchase Review

8 Oct

Sheesh I have brought a lot! So it’s time for another Recent Purchase Review Post!

oh and here’s a music video for your lovelies. Its what I was listening to while I was typing this up.

Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil:
Price: $39.99 approx. from Farmers
Links: Trilogy Rosehip Oil
Review:I brought this on recommendation from my Mama who uses it every day and has had great results. Now I am a full convert to using rosehip oil too. I have trialed it for several weeks and have now found a routine that suits me. I tried putting in on in the morning with my ZA cream over top which worked well but felt a little redundant. I also tried using just the rosehip oil by itself during the day but I found my makeup did not right going over the top. So now my day routine is ZA True White Cream with my new AUM Beauty contouring eye cream(which is in its trial period atm) and then rose hip oil at night. By night I mean I come home take off my makeup, wash my face and put it on.

The rosehip oil has no unpleasent smell and soaks into your skin really well, thats if you don’t stick too much on. But no fear if you do it smoothes onto other parts really well like your hands and neck. It isn’t cheap but you use hardly any. I have used it for three weeks now and I can’t see any difference in the bottle. Because it is an oil it has a turkey baster like way of applying it which works really well. I have noticed that my skin tone is a lot more even and it stops my skin from getting dry. My skin is alo really sensitive and I find it helps calm it and get rid of all the scaly patches I can get.

Five Stars

Burt’s Bees  Beeswax and Banana Hand Cream:
Price: $29.00 Farmers or Smith and Caughey
Links: Burt’s Bees Beeswax and Banana Hand Cream
What I want to try: Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
Review:I have been eyeing this product up for such a long time. I am so thankful that we finally had Burt’s Bees made available to us in New Zealand. I finally splurged on this hand cream when I started Mrs Delindel’s hand and nail care regime that she put me on. It is not a cheap hand cream but is soooo worth it.

To tell you the truth I hate hand creams, I can’t wear glooves let alone hand cream (usually) because I find I sweat profusley. So I have been trying so hard to use hand cream as many times a day as I can stand (don’t tell Delindel but lately its been only before bed ><). But I find with the Burt’s bees hand cream that even though it is thick that is soaks in quickly leaving your hands soft and smelling like yummy bananas. I am so in love with my Burt’s Bees banana and Beeswax hand cream, I really wish that they made more Banana flavoured things.

A million gagillion stars

Sally Hansen Nail Care: Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Daily Growth Treatment
Price: $26.99 from Farmers
Links: Please note that this is not the exact sally hansen link as I couldn’t find what I brought on their website.
Review: So I have been doing Delindel’s beautiful natural nails regime (original post found here). I’ve never used a nail treatment before so was a bit shell shocked when I went to the Sally Hansen stand in Farmers. There were a million things to choose from but luckily all of the treatments have a helpful guide on the back:

You have: Dull, dry, brittle nails prone to splitting.
You want: Longer, stronger, healthy nails… naturally!
You’ll get: Strong, beautiful, resilient nails with a healthy, natural radiance.

And I was like ooo ooo that’s me! I had a look on a few different packets before I found the one I thought was best for me. So what ever you need there is a treatment. I have noticed a huge difference in my nails since I started using this treatment. I started off in the first two weeks twice a day now I just use it every second day. I haven’t had any nail split or crack or peel off for three weeks which is a huge thing for me. You wouldn’t think handling books all day would be hazardous but on your hands and nails it is. Work doesn’t even bother my nails now. I also have found that my nails bounce back a lot quicker now from having nail polish remove on them.

I would highly recommending Sally Hansen Nail Treatments if you have problem nails. Please note yes it is not cheap and there are cheaper versions out there this was just the first one I tried since I am a lost soul when it comes to nail care.

Five Stars

AUM Beauty: AUM Purifying Body Scrub:
Price: $33.00 from Farmers
Link: AUM Beauty Purifying Body Scrub
Review: Recently I have been splurging on products for my face and as always I have been forgetting about the rest of me. Winter in New Zealand always makes me feel scaly and dry so when I got chatting to the AUM man at Farmer’s I decided maybe it was time to splurge on some body products too. AUM is new to New Zealand and only available at Farmer’s as far as I know.

This body scrub has Papaya , pineapple and bamboo in it but it doesn’t have an overpowering smell when you use it. What I loved most about this scrub is it didn’t leave me feel stripped of several layers of skin. I felt refreshed almost after using it.

If you have sensitive skin or just want a gentle body scrub this is the one for you.

Four Stars.

AUM Beauty: AUM Replenishing Body Butter:
Price: $33.00 from Farmers
Link: AUM Beauty Replenishing Body Butter
Review: Om nom nom! Again this AUM body butter has a yummy combination of ingredients including avocado. I have to admit I had a bit of buyers remorse after spending so much on body butter because there are cheaper options out there. BUT after using this for a week I was glad I had splurged on a good one.

My skin feels lovely even the next day after I’ve used it. It isn’t greasy either and sinks in quickly.

Five Stars.

AUM Beauty: AUM Firming Eye Cream:
Price: $33.00 from Farmers (but I got mine free!)
Link: AUM Firming Eye Cream
Review: When I went into Farmers they were having a three for two on AUM products so I picked their firming eye cream. What surprised me the most about this product was how quickly it worked. It feels nice on and doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. It did take me a while to get used to the smell. It has a sandalwood smell which at first was a bit whoa! But now I’m used to it and quite like it.

Four Stars.

❤ MaSucree

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