A Peek into my Make Up Bag: Lippy Bag

4 Oct

I thought about starting a series of posts title “A Peek into my Make Up Bag(s)”. Obviously I have a few more than just one make up bag so each post will be either my lippy, eye, nail bag.

Today’s post will be taking a look into my lippy makeup bag.

I think I need to get a bigger bag/box for my lippys as my little metallic bag doesn’t close anymore!

First Row Left to Right:

  • Rimmel London Lipsticks
  • Jordana Lipsticks
  • NYX Round lipsticks
  • Natio lipstick
  • ZA lipstick
  • (center) Natio Ultra Shiny Fruit Gloss
Bottom Row Left to Right:
  • Jordana Easyshine
  • ZA Lipgloss
  • Eyeko Fat Balm
  • Miki lipbalms
  • Cath Kidston Lip Gloss
  • Cherry Culture Lip balm
  • (bottom) Blistex Balms
  • (right bottom) Ria Soap Lip Balm
So obviously I have already reviewed quite a lot of these lippys already so I am only doing the few I haven’t already. So to start off with I’m going to review my Rimmel London Lipsticks:


Rimmel London: Moisture Renew Lipstick:
Link: Moisture Renew Lipstick
Left: 400 Berry Queen – I only wear this lippy when I go out at night as it does make my looks look all pouty come at me. XD Which is not so approriate for work. It is the nearest I can get to a true red lipstick without looking like Marge Simpson.
Right: 220 Heather Shimmer – This lipstick can be a little bit full on too for work depending on what other makeup I pair it with and what I’m wearing.

Review: I have to admit I don’t use my Rimmel Lipsticks as much as I do my Natio and ZA (Below). I think it is more the colours I brought not the product! I do like these lippy though, the colours lasts for ages and even when it comes off when I eat and drink most of the colour does remain. It also has no smell that I can smell and leaves my lips in good condition.

Four Stars.

Za Lipstick and Natio Lipstick.


ZA : Purshine Lipstick in RD1 Rouge Indulge
Link: Pureshine Lipstick
Review: I have used this lipstick so much that it is almost finished, but I will of course be getting another one! It looks lovely on and goes on really well. You can layer it up for more colour as well. I use this lipstick during the day and it looks nice with evening looks too. By far my favourite lipstick because it looks good when I wear jeans or all dressed up.

Five Stars.

Natio: Mineral Lip Pout Shimmer
Link:  Mineral Lip Pout
Review: For some reason I did not use this lipstick for ages but now I have rediscovered it I really enjoy wearing it. I have to admit I am not a fan of its smell, it has a over fake make up smell to it but it does wear off eventually. However!  It is a lovely light lipstick that can also be layered for more full on colour. I love to pair this lipstick with darker smokey eyes.

Four Stars.

So there you go a little peek into my lippy makeup bag.

❤ MaSucree


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