Tea Review: Genmaicha

2 Oct

Tonight I have a bit of a review of one of Aaah’s green teas – the basic Genmaicha. This one is a mix of simple bancha (Japanese green) tea leaves, with some added roasted rice grains. Sounds strange to some people (MaSucree was a bit like “O_o wut?” when I told her about it!) but is surprisingly yummy!

The thing I really liked about this tea was those roasted rice grains. I drink quite a lot of green tea (comes from being an Asian Studies/Japanese major… it’s sort of expected 😉 ) and I’ve gotten used to it and its naturally more… bitter? taste as compared to black teas.

The rice grains lend this blend a smokey-roasty-nutty flavour that leaves you feeling all nice and warm and toasty! They also give it a slightly quirky sweetness that will leave you pleasantly surprised. The thing with using bancha leaves as the green base is that bancha is apparently very difficult to turn bitter – which is a huge plus in my books!

I brewed this cup for 3 minutes at about 80° which I think was just perfect. This green is very very easy to drink and is an excellent alternative to my current plain green leaves, which I have a tendency to overbrew until they’re bitter (oops!).

Give this one a go if you’re into green tea! It won’t disappoint you 🙂

Verdict: 4.5 stars

Until tomorrow,

-Del xx

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