Delindel’s First Recent Purchase Review

30 Sep

MaSucree has done quite a few of these things already and I thought it would be a bit silly of me to do a tea review 3 posts in a row! I have more tea reviews coming of course (I took some notes this morning, and am taking some more right now!) but today I thought I’d go over a few of my recent (and some not-so-recent) purchases.

Almost 3 weeks ago MaSucree and I received a new Beauty Joint order that MaSucree posted briefly about here. I thought I’d finally get around to showing off the things I got! In that order I picked up two Nyx round lipsticks (Hades and Champagne), a Nyx jumbo eye pencil (Milk) , a Nyx slide-on eye pencil (Jewel), and a Milani nail polish (Jewel FX Gems)! Yay!

I did a few swatches but none of the photos came out satisfactory and I’m too lazy to do more now! Another time 😉 I did get some pictures of the nail polish though. It’s one of the Milani Specialty Nail Lacquers, the Jewel FX Gems. It’s a clear base stuffed full of glitter in varied sizes in silver, gold, blue, green, fuchsia, and red.

So on the top two nails I have two coats, on the bottom two only one coat. This one takes some practice to get right – since the glitter is so chunky it doesn’t really work just to brush it on. After a couple of trials, I decided the best way is just to dab it on using the brush. Takes a smidge longer to dry, but you have more control over the glitter and can avoid gaps ^_^ Here’s a blurry photo that kind of gives you a hint as to how glittery and jewel-like this one really is! It’s blinding in the sun 😀 Four stars!

The Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil is just as fantastic as the other two I already have – easy to use and works great as an eyeshadow base. I quite like it because most of my eyeshadows are metallic and sometimes that gets a bit boring – if I use the milk pencil underneath it dulls the metallics (as long as I don’t use too much eyeshadow!) so helps give me a softer look. Four stars!

The Nyx Slide-on Pencil is gorgeous. The shade I got, Jewel, is a dark purpleish-brown with subtle copper-pink shimmer. I haven’t had a chance to use it on my upper line yet, but it looks lovely along the outer edge of my lower lash line! Would work great with natural, copper, or purple based eyeshadows. 4.5 stars.

Nyx Round Lipsticks in Hades and Champagne. I absolutely adore these lipsticks and will discuss them a little bit further down!

The Nyx lipsticks are my favourites at the moment. I now have 5 of the round lipsticks and one of their tinted lip spas, because I bought some more things from Cherry Culture! Here’s what I picked up in that haul (warning: it’s all lip stuff).

From left to right we have:

Palladio Lip Stain in Nude. I actually purchased this one from the Makeup Geek Store but put it in the photo with the other lip stuff. I give this one 4.5 stars! Super easy to use, great colour, and stays on for ages! Costs $5.89 USD at Makeup Geek and comes in 5 colours (swatches here). Worth a look if you don’t want to spend over $20 here in NZ for a lip stain that works.

Crazy Rumors lip balm in Spiced Chai, which is one of the “Brew” collection balms. A lip balm collection inspired by tea?! Yes please! I got one to start with, and I am absolutely in love. The balm is soft, glides on easy, and leaves my lips feeling fantastic. It also looks great over the Palladio lip stain because it adds extra softness and a bit of shine. And I should mention that it smells, quite frankly, INCREDIBLE! I am going to be buying a LOT more of the Crazy Rumors lip balms, they’re my absolute favourite now! FIVE STARS!! $3.49 on Cherry Culture, they have a wide range of flavours inspired by various foods and drinks. DO WANT!

Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Color in Mango Delight. I also purchased this one from Cherry Culture, where it costs only $1.99 USD. This one is very easy to use, glides on oh-so-smooth and leaves my lips feeling soft, smooth and smelling fantastic with a hint of colour! Has a nice fruity scent which I adore, however if you aren’t fond of scented lip products give this one a miss. 4.5 stars!

Nyx Tinted Lip Spa in Sake. A soft, gentle hint of colour that really does feel like a mini-spa for my lips! Gives that minty zing that you sometimes get with lip plumpers, but nowhere near as strong; it’s just a subtle hint of it. Not sticky or slimy at all 😀 On sale for $4.50 USD on Cherry Culture at the moment, I give this one four stars!

Nyx Round Lipstick in Ceto. MaSucree chose this colour for me, and I love her choice! It’s a sort of nude metallic shimmery bronze colour… I’m terrible at describing colours XD Anyway, much like the other Nyx round lipsticks I have (which cost only $2.50 on Cherry Culture or $1.99 on Beauty Joint), I adore it. I never go anywhere without my Nyx lipsticks! They have a hugely vast selection of colours so there’s something for everyone, and you get fantastic soft lips with great colour pigmentation. FIVE STARS. As always. Super love love!

I also wanted to talk briefly about a new hand cream I bought. Because I am addicted to hand creams >_<

So last Friday night when I was at work, I zipped into The Body Shop (why don’t we have a NZ website?!) and picked this up. The Wild Rose Hand Cream is specifically for mature skin… Which mine isn’t, but I couldn’t resist. Besides, won’t that just mean that it keeps my skin looking younger?! I’m seriously glad I went and bought this. I already have the Moroccan Rose Hand & Nail Cream from The Body Shop and I quite like it, but I think I prefer this new one. The rose scent smells much more natural and… you guessed it, wild. It’s also much lighter and less creamily heavy than the Moroccan Rose. I’m a sucker for rose-scented hand creams (I don’t have four now…). I paid $12.50 NZD for a 30ml tube which will last quite a long time, and I give this one 4.5 stars.

Goodness this has gotten quite long! Congratulations if you made it this far! Here’s a gratuitous shot of my Nyx lipsticks:

Go buy some! Send me an email at or leave a comment if you want to know more about any of these products, or want swatches.


This isn’t even all the samples I have to go through… Every time I buy a box of tea from them I get sent extra samples, so I still have others to get to as well! I’m excited. Which one should I review for you first?

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

-Del xx

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