Cherry Culture Haul Review

30 Sep

So we all know I have a problem when it comes to shopping right? So it would be no surprise if I told you I also have a problem when it comes to online shopping. *sigh* You would think the opening hours of stores would limit me but nooooo online you can shop when ever you like. XD

Anyway, I have already reviewed Beauty Joint (find the review here), an amazing place where we can get all those brands that you can’t get all of or any of in New Zealand. The other week I managed to find us another online cosmetics store >< Well two Crush Cosmetics and Cherry Culture. I am yet to order from Crush Comestics but they do look very good.

Delindel and I have put through two joint orders already with Cherry Culture and received one already! Yaaay! So I thought I would review Cherry Culture and share with you what we brought.

I hadn’t actually expected our first order for two weeks but after a week it arrived in my mail box. I dropped everything and took photos as I unwrapped our awesome parcel.

I reckon me and Gabby are well know by all the couriers in New Lynn now with the amount of parcels we get lol >< I was again impressed with how well everything was packed nothing had come loose or broken so ten points for packaging!

Amuse Eyeshadow: Amuse Eyeshadow in FK9359 Mix-2:
Price $2.49 USD

The Amuse Website has so many pretty things *drool* I was looking forward to my new eye-shadow palette and trying out some new colours. I was not disappointed at all, more than anything the colours are even nicer than I expected. They also go on really well even without my primer underneath. I took some swatches so you could see what they look like (you’ll be pleased to know that the photos are laid out the same way as the palette, clever I know ^_^).

I think the dusty pink (bottom photo right) and light coppery one(top photo left) are my favourites so far but I will try all the different combinations I can.

Four Stars

Eyeko – Pretty London: Eyeko Fat Balm in Toffee:
Price: $10.00 USD

This is what I was really looking forward to. ^_^ When I found Cherry Culture this was the first thing I viewed and of course was the first thing I put in my shopping bag. The box is so super cute! I have kept of course ^^ I have also fallen in love with my Eyeko Fat Balm and can’t wait to try some of the other flavours. And in case you were wondering here is a swatch for the Toffee flavour ^^.

It also looks lovely on and you can use it on your cheeks! I haven’t done that yet but I will get to it next time I’m experimenting.

So not only is the packaging super cute but the actual product is excellent. It goes on smooth, can be light or as heavy as you need, doesn’t have any over powering smell and comes in six different flavours.

If you haven’t got a Eyeko Fat Balm I ask WHY NOT?! I totally insist that an Eyeko Fat Balm be the first thing in your shopping basket on your visit to Cherry Culture. GO NOW!

Five Stars



Delindel got the most out of this haul with four things all together and surprisingly it was all lip stuff o_O She has reviewed them all in her most recent post here, so go check out what she has to say.

(From left to right top row to bottom row):

Nyx Tinted Lip Spa, Nyx Round Lipstick, Jordana EasyShine Glossy Lip Colour, Crazy Rumors Brew Tea Balm and a Free Cherry Culture Lip Balm (which I stole).

So there you have it my lovelies ^_^ Cherry Culture has such an amazing selection of brands and products at such amazing prices, I highly recommend having a look (and buying an Eyeko Fat Balm XD). I’ll show you what we ordered for our second haul when it arrives, which is hopefully very very soon since I have been stalking the mail man for the last couple of days.

Five Stars for Cherry Culture.

❤ MaSucree


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