Kraftbomb Review

29 Sep

Why yes I still exist!

Delindel has been amazing this week in keeping the post schedule alive while I have been down and out with a super nasty stomach bug/food poisoning/whatever it is. I am sort of better at the moment just really tired now >< BUT this means I feel up to posting again!

Last Sunday we went to Kraftbomb, by me I mean Delindel, my mama and I. I did not realise it was so close! Kraftbomb is a craft fair that happens on the last Sunday of every month at the Grey Lynn Community Centre Main Hall. You do not have to pay to get in and it starts at 11am and goes to 2pm. Check out their blog for more information.

I was good and went round all the stalls before I got my money out. I got to meet so many lovely crafty people and I came away with a small bundle of hand made goodness.

I brought these lovely faux cupcakes from the Bunny Party stall. Aren’t they just amazing looking! They also look awesome on my fridge!

This is their table, as you can tell I had to be restrained and only select a few things. The man behind the table was really friendly to talk to as well 🙂 Make sure you check out the Bunny Party website.

I got this cute little coffee pot necklace from the Bonjour Sweetie table! They lovely lady there had a selection or teapot and tea cup necklaces as well as a vast selection of pretty things for your hair. Sadly they have no website or blog that I can find to share with you.

Isn’t it just gorgeous!? This is the rose brooch I brought from the lovely Elizabeth at the Zippity Dooddah stall. And yes this brooch is made out of zips! I know! Isn’t she clever!?

I also brought this awesomely cute kiwi made out of old blankets! I am not too sure what I will do with him but I could not leave him there.

Here’s a few more photos of the Zippity Doodah Stall.

Gah! So many awesome things! Luckily there is a Zippity Doodah Felt page you can visit and buy things! AND Elizabeth is opening a studio is Ellerslie! Soon to be open from 10am-3pm. Definitely go check out her things for amazing cute gifts or if you’re like me things for yourself.

Another stall worth mentioning is the Run Cutie stall! This stall was one that really caught my eye, as the lovely lady behind this one had done a very good job oflaying it out. I sadly did not buy anything from her stall but my Mama brought a small dome pendent with chain from her.

So there you have it lovelies, Kraftbomb was a huge success and I look forward to going back and perusing more of the crafty goodness that they have. I met some truly awesome people and have a very large stack of business cards to go through now XD

Thank you for viewing and I am so glad I am back posting again.

Till next time

❤ MaSucree


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