Tea Review 2: Luscious Lively Lemon

28 Sep

I’ve been feeling a bit poorly so today is just another tea review >< This time I chose Luscious Lively Lemon, which is one of Aaah’s fruit infusions. As with my last tea review, this tea is another that needs to be enjoyed without milk. I brewed mine for 8 minutes again (when it says 5-10 minutes I try to aim for half-way).

This tea looks absolutely delicious with all those little chunks of apple, lemon peel and lemongrass~ yummy!

So in addition to the apple pieces, lemongrass and lemon peel, this tea also features rose hip peel and hibiscus blossoms, which added a gentle floral aromatic scent to the brewed tea.

This tea is an absolutely beautiful colour – a rich rosey pink. Not what you expect from a lemon tea! I liked that this blend has such a neat range of flavours – sweet florals, citrusy lemon, and a nice non-citrus fruity zing from the apple. Just like the Sweet Spearmint Bliss this one would be fantastic as an iced tea because it doesn’t need sweetening. Strangely though, it also came across as very warming so would be lovely on a winter afternoon.

Verdict: Four stars.  Would definitely drink this one again 🙂

-Del xx

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