Sweet Spearmint Bliss Review

26 Sep

Today I have the first of a series of tea reviews from my beloved Aaah Tea. To start with, we have the new blend Sweet Spearmint Bliss, which has only just been released! I was sent a sample of this new herbal infusion to try, so that’s exactly what I did ^_^

Now, I’ve been through this before, I’m a fairly eccentric tea-drinker. It shocks and dismays people when they see me adding milk and honey to practically every tea I drink – I’ve even been known to add milk and honey to green tea on the odd occasion (though I tend to prefer greens by themselves). Because of my predisposition towards milk, it’s always difficult for me to enjoy herbal blends – I buy them, and I drink them, but I can never get through a whole cup… Let’s see how this one goes!

I don’t have any pretty pictures like Kirsten over at High Tea with Dragons – my camera is too old and lame, and I tried this tea at night-time >_< Plus Sir Husband won’t let me buy pretty teacups because he says I’ll break them… He knows me too well! Anyway! On to the tea!

This tea shocked me from the very first. I never expect to enjoy herbals, I’m not sure why but they always taste bitter to me, even when they aren’t (it’s that lack of milk I think…), but this one really has me sold. The tea is an organic blend of spearmint leaves, licorice roots, and fennel seeds, which brewed up to be the most fantastic-smelling spearmint tea I have ever smelt.

It really lives up to its name! From the very first sip you get a gentle hit of minty flavour, that is nicely accented by the sweetness of the licorice and fennel. It was the combination of spearmint and fennel that really wowed me, I get tired of peppermint teas very quickly so it was nice to have spearmint instead. The fennel and licorice added that extra something that makes this tea so unforgettable, and pure bliss to drink.

I infused this one for 8 minutes, and it came out quite sweet. I think any longer and it would have been too sweet, even for me (and that’s saying a lot!). Their website says that the longer you brew, the sweeter it gets; I definitely agree with them that this tea would be absolutely fantastic as an iced tea. I also concur that it’s a brilliant pick-me-up tea when you’re feeling a bit stressed or tired.

This was the first time in a very long time that I’ve finished an entire cup of herbal tea without having to force it down at the end – I’m very impressed! It’s the kind of tea that you can spend so long just sniffing it that you forget to drink it… If you decide to give it a go (and I sincerely suggest you do!), don’t get too carried away in just smelling it >_<

Verdict: FIVE STARS!! I will definitely be purchasing a box when my online-shopping-ban is lifted.

Do you guys have a favourite minty tea blend?

-Del xx


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