New Hair Curler -Remington Tribal Tong

25 Sep

For the last couple of years I have been trying to perfect the 1940’s/1950’s waves, but I was never able to get it right. Having such thin hair you would think it would hold onto curls well but for some reason they used to drop out by the time I had finished curling one side. I had tried curling products, hot rollers, foam rollers and bucket of hair spray.

The other week when I was attempting to curl my hair with my older model Remington Curling iron I ended up throwing a “small” tantrum over how useless it was. Which meant I was given permission to investigate getting a new curling iron. The curling tong that kept catching my eye was the Remington Tribal Tong. Luckily after my “tantrum” Farmer’s was having a sale on the Remington Tribal Tong, it was down from the usual $100 NZD to $40.00 NZD.

I did do a bit of research into curling wands, they’re the new type of curling tong that has no clamp..clasp..thingy on it. With the model I got you also get a special glove so you don’t burn yourself. Which is fantastic since the curling iron can get up to 200 degrees.

The box also says that it takes 30 seconds for it to heat up to your chosen temperature which I was a bit “yeah right about”, but it actually does! When it is heating up the red light round the power button blinks and when it is at temperature it stays red. 30 seconds! That takes a good five minutes off my hair styling time.

What impressed me the most was how quickly the curl set into my hair. I did my whole head in under ten minutes which is amazing! The curls only needed a quick comb and then I had perfect waves ^_^

This is what the curls looked like before I brushed them.

After I combed my hair.

Tada! Me with my face on ready to go out.

The curls lasted all day long and when I refreshed them this morning even the rain could not make my hair straight! BUT most of all I love how quick and easy it is. I love my new hair curler and would definitely recommend it.

Six Stars 😉

❤ MaSucree


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