Gardening Fun with Sir Husband and Miss Suki

24 Sep

So on Thursday I posted a hint about today’s post… I know it said tomorrow, but I had a very busy Friday! That being said, I also have a hugely busy weekend planned, I’m writing this post while watching the clock because I have a dinner to get to tonight >< Anyway! I shall reveal my Thursday project… A mini herb garden!

Sir Husband and I rushed to Mitre 10 Mega on Thursday and got some herbs. We’ve had this small garden area out in the backyard since we moved in. At first it was very VERY overgrown, but we cleared it out back in March and managed to grow some parsley in it. However, I realised that I don’t actually use parsley as often as I thought I would! So we decided to get rid of some of it and put in something I WILL use 🙂 Here’s what we started with:

And here’s what we picked up on our shopping trip… The succulent is perching on my kitchen windowsill ^_^

We picked up some rosemary, mint, spinach, origanum, dill, coriander, and 2 small strawberry plants. Miss Suki came to hang out with us too – she’s only just started to be allowed outside again after her nasty virus.

She was, as ever, very curious!

Sir Husband did some transplanting while I… err… supervised.

And by the time he was finished we were left with this!

I spelt origanum wrong -_-‘

I’m looking forward to the herbs growing all neat and bushy. I’ve always preferred wild-looking gardens to perfectly pruned and precise ones! The spinach has been planted elsewhere, near my thriving silverbeet plant.

Do any of you have a herb garden?

On another note, my time in the garden made me realise that spring is well and truly on the way! The air was nice and crisp, and it stayed sunny all day ^_^ I thought I’d snap a few photos of some of the flowers we’re getting in.

We’re even getting in some plum blossoms! Exciting d(^_^)b

Are you guys looking forward to summer?!

Until tomorrow (I’ll have a couple of tea reviews for you~)

-Del xx


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