Delindel gets a Present from the Postman

22 Sep

I actually had a lot to talk about today but I’ve decided to limit myself, and draw it out over the next couple of days 😉 Hurrah, more things to post about! This morning when I woke up I had every intention of going into the city for my one hour class… Until I decided that it wasn’t worth it xD Instead I went outside with Sir Husband and a slowly recovering Miss Suki (she’s had a virus, infection and ulcers, poor little kitty).

Tonight’s post will be about the first part of my going-outside adventure… The postman bought me a present!

Miss Suki came to investigate as well >< The packages were, of course, the books I ordered last week from The Book Depository. Free shipping + one week delivery from the other side of the world = YES. My theme for this order was ‘Books I Used To Love As A Kid/Teenager And Really Ought To Have Already’:

I’m a bit of a fantasy novel fiend. I don’t enjoy reading anything else really, except for the odd sci-fi. My favourite authors are Terry Pratchett, J. R. R. Tolkien, Tamora Pierce, J. K. Rowling and George R. R. Martin (as we know already). Throw in today’s splashing of Diana Wynne Jones, Patricia C. Wrede and Neil Gaiman for a change and I’m one happy girl!

So first of all, I picked out Howl’s Moving Castle. I used to love this book, and recent studies at university have led me back to the anime film (which is in my Studio Ghibli DVD collection) and reignited my desire to re-read it… So I figured, why not buy it?! If you haven’t read it you really ought to, and the Chrestomanci books. I was very sad to hear that she had passed away back in March.

I also picked out Stardust – I recently watched the film again and it made me think about the differences between the book and the film. If you’ve only seen the film you should read the book to compare 😀

Last of all I picked out the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede. Back when I was about 10, my sister got this series out from the teen section at our local library. I stole them from her as soon as she was done and fell in love with the characters and the witty writing style. Over the years I’ve borrowed them from the library at least 15 times, I never get tired of reading them. I decided it was time to make them mine ^_^

Suki got in on the package-opening fun too >_<

Here’s a little hint of what’s coming up tomorrow 🙂


Until tomorrow!

-Del xx

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