Kleancolor Mini-post

19 Sep

Just a very quick mini-post tonight my loves! And then it’s back to assignments and study, kill me now >_<

Decided to show a couple of photos of another Kleancolor. This one is #171 Kiss Goodbye. It’s a clear base with purple, fuchsia, blue, and gold microglitter. Gorgeous!

Here we have a clear photo. On my middle finger (on the top) is 2 coats, on my ring finger is just 1.

And now a blurred one so you can get an idea of how gorgeous this polish is, especially in the sun! I don’t have any sunny photos (since the sun has been so crazy-sporadic lately), but this one is seriously so pretty (if you love glitter like me that is… Miss MaSucree doesn’t XD )

On payday I plan on buying the other colour that have this same sort of formula – #170 Midnight Seduction. Pretty!

I was very impressed with this one’s staying power. I wore 2 coats to work on Sunday, and weekends are always particularly tough on my nails because the store tends to be much busier than late nights on weekdays. By the end of my 6 hour shift though, I had only minor chips on the corners of each of my thumbnails. Usually glitter polishes (especially without top coats, which I’ve been too lazy to use lately) chip off my nails within 2 hours of working weekends!

This one also looks beautiful layered over metallics (I tried purple, pink, and blue), when layering over coloured polishes you definitely only need one coat πŸ™‚

Verdict: LOVE!


-Del xx


3 Responses to “Kleancolor Mini-post”

  1. Zoe September 20, 2011 at 6:25 pm #

    Your nails look really nice. I don’t usually wear sparkles, but I like this a lot.
    Thanks for sharing. Do you know anything about face primer? I could use help with that.

    • domesticminxes September 20, 2011 at 9:47 pm #

      Hmmm. I’m not too sure about face primer. I loooove nail polish but I’ve only just started getting into makeup. I have just started using eyeshadow primer and it’s pretty fantastic. I’ll see if I can have a look into face primer though, I’ll let you know how it goes!

    • domesticminxes September 21, 2011 at 10:06 am #

      Hi (MaSucree this time)
      I have tried face primer! I decided they weren’t for me because they are usually tinted (well the few I tried were anyway). Because I have such pale skin it did not really work for me since it gave me such a piled on make up look. I would recommend having a good base mositurizer with a good eye cream. Let it settle for a few minutes before applying your foundation/concealer that is what I found is the best face primer. If you want to know any more you can email me at masucree.aurora@gmail.com

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