Hairstyling, Books and Nail Polish – is there anything I’ve missed?

17 Sep

Oops, I’ve been absent for a couple of days now, haven’t I? Well it’s not my fault I swear! Miss Suki is feeling poorly and I’ve been quite worried about her, plus I have a major assessment due on Monday that I haven’t gotten very far with…. Plus I’m working tomorrow, eeek!

I’ve been trying to spend more time with Sir Husband because I don’t feel like we’re bonding as much as we ought to lately, because we were both sick and then we went straight back into stressful university assignments and tests and presentations. We need some more time together, I never get to see him! Last night I wanted to go out to a restaurant for dinner but he wasn’t feeling up to it so we stayed in and I pretended to work on my assignment…

And got my hair done by a “professional”… This was the first draft.

Then he went nuts and did this…

You see the silly crap I have to put up with?! xD (Yes I’m browsing Cherry Culture, damn it MaSucree!)

Yesterday wasn’t all bad though. Mr Father-in-Law came over with a new battery for the car (it died on Thursday night, sadface), and came bearing gifts of books for me… Squee!

Obviously I’ve read these already, they’re one of my favourite series, and the tv series was fantastic, I’m looking forward to the next season! Game of Thrones, check it out if you haven’t already. You’ll love it! Also seriously read these books. There’s another one not pictured here because I’m too poor to buy it… Author is George R. R. Martin, series is called A Song of Ice and Fire. There’s a sample from the latest volume released this July here. Epic medieval fantasy at its very finest! Do it! I’m glad to finally own these babies ❤

I’m also excitedly waiting for an order of 6 books from Book Depository, which I’ll show off once they’ve arrived. Yaaaay!

Last of all for today, I thought I’d show off one of my newer Kleancolors. This one is from the first joint Beauty Joint haul that MaSucree and I ordered together (saving on shipping, we’re so smart, aren’t we?), the colour is #99 IT Purple. This is only one coat ladies! Great staying power too, minor chips after 3 days.

Ta-dah! Hairstyling, books, and nail polish. Three of the finest things of life all wrapped up in one little post. Now I’d better get back to that massive assignment due Monday… Enough procrastinating!

Until next time ~ probably Monday night 😉

-Del xx

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