Day Out with Mama and RPR Pt. 2

17 Sep

Hiya everyone! Hope you’ve been having a good weekend.

I have had another awesome day off from work, this time I spent it with my lovely Mama. In typical Saturday fashion we went shopping! We went to St Lukes this time because they have a huge selection of stores, I do have to admit I don’t usually like St Lukes but we went pretty early so there was not as many people.

I had an awesome time at Farmers which as you can maybe tell by now is one of my favourite stores. I brought some awesome glass jars for only $2.00!!!! One for coffee, sugar and bath salts/soap ^_^

I also got a cute little soap dish and a lovely Rose soap from L’Occitane.

AND these cute stickers! OMGosh! I don’t know what I’m going to use them for but do I have to?!


We were out far longer than I thought and we tried on many things. I already have a pretty navy and white polka dot dress lined up to buy from Glassons!

Anyway here is the last part of my recent purchase reviews. Sorry it took me so long to writing it. Many things have happened in between.

Phoenix Chocolates Fudge:

Phoenix Chocolates: Lemon, Kiwi Caramel and Butterscotch Fudge
Price: 3 for $10.00 from Trademe or Botany Town Centre Market on Saturdays.

Sweet Jebus! It was all gone before the weekend was out! The kiwi caramel was a smooth almost honey flavoured caramel, but the lemon fudge was my most favourite! It tasted like lemon meringue pie but was not too overpowering. The Butterscotch fudge was Gabby’s favourite and was very tasty too (Yes I did share). Delindel brought the Butterscotch, lemon and raspberry fudge and she said it disappeared very quickly in her house too.

It doesn’t look like much fudge but trust me it is! I loved how sweet but not crazy sweet it was and it was soooo smooth. It also helped that the lady who we brought was super lovely, she was giving us ideas on where to hide the fudge XD. They also do chocolate but I think I prefer fudge, though I am so going to try it anyway.

Five stars

 Bliss Yoghurt Banana Caramel:

Bliss– Banana Caramel Yoghurt:
Price: $6.00 – $7.00 from New World ( I have to admit I didn’t look at the price ><)

Oh look more food!

I am not a big fan on dairy let alone yoghurt. BUT I have been trying lately especially since I am following Delindel’s regime for my nails. So this Yoghurt was on special at New World the other day, I honestly do not remember how much it costs >< Banana Caramel instantly caught my attention I brought Gabby a Mango one which has disappeared out of the fridge so I take that as a good sign.

You should theoretically get seven serves out of it but I was a bit more indulgent than advised. It is pretty damn tasty, it actually has caramel running through it and the yoghurt which is thick and creamy has a slight banana taste to it. I did find however that after eating a bit to it it did start to taste a little boring. I do really like it though and will be adventurous and try the other flavours.

Four Stars

ZA True White Plus Cream:

ZATrue White Plus Cream:
Price: $31.50 NZD from Farmers

I’ve only been using this one a couple of days and I already enjoying using it. I have used other ZA products from the True White line before I reviewed the True White Essence a while ago. This cream is about the same price as the essence but I think I prefer this. It is a thicker cream and feels luxurious on. You do not need a lot either which means your money will go a long way. Another bonus is make-up sits over top of it really well yaaaay!! Team it with the Australis Powder Cream I reviewed and PERFECTION! I don’t know if it is just me being optimistic but I think my skin looks nicer already!

Four and a half stars

Soap Opera Gift Boxes Review:

Soap Opera – Gift Boxes
Price:$25.00 each (we got two for $25.00 cause of super sale) From Botany Town Centre

Raspberry and Chocolate Bath Bomb:
This bath bomb was huuuuge! It really did smell like raspberry and chocolate but due to the colour combos it made the bath water a muddy brown. O_O the bath water was really soft and silky and made my skin feel nice but I couldn’t get passed the colour of the water. Afterwards it took a bit of cleaning to get the brown ring off the bath. I did enjoy the bath but I think I will try a non brown bath bomb next time.

Three Stars 

Toffee Pop Massage Bar:
OMFGosh! While I was soaking in the bath I used the massage bar not only does it smell divine it feels divine! I just about melted and my muscles felt so good! When we go back to Botany I am so stocking up on these and so should you! Usually $6.90 each or two for $15

Five Stars 

I so love all my Soap Opera stuff! I can’t wait to give the rest a try!

So that’s it for now!

❤ MasSucree


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