Shopping With Gabby

16 Sep

Today was the first day in seven weeks that I got to spend all of it with my Gabby. For the last wee while I’ve only got to see him for a bit in the morning and then in the evening, because of the hours we both work for work/army/etc. (Gabby is in the NZ Army Reserve btw). So it was a super exciting day for me ^_^

We did not have any plans which was nice, I quite like being able to plod about the house doing stuff. However! You think I have a shopping problem, Gabby can match me when he is in the right mood.

We decided to head out and purchase and Xbox360 Kinect bundle, we had been thinking about it for awhile. Especially since our old first Generation Xbox360 was looking a little sad. Gabby and I weeded out our game stash and took down the old Xbox360 to EB Games. Luckily enough they gave us a huge discount because of what we traded in.

When we finally got home Gabby unpacked slowly enough that I could take pictures! Squee!

Bag Inception!

This controller is officially mine!

You can use the headpiece for voice command how cool is that?!

The warning labels on the bags were a little bit…intense.

These were the games we got, we got the kinect adventures with the bundle.

The kinect sensor fits perfectly on out book shelf amongst all my…”personal items”

Tada! Our new Xbox360 Slim! Its so lovely and shiney!

When I finally got my turn I played Fruit Ninja which  had been wanting to play for aaaaages. I managed 30mins constant before I was knackered. I could not believe how active you had to be, my heart was really pumping by the end of it. Then I ate pineapple after seeing all the fruit flying round.

AND THEN! Gabby took me to the mall for dinner om nom nom!

So I had a lovely relaxing day with my Gabby! I hope you all had a good day too! If you have a Xbox Kinect feel free to suggest some of the kinect games!

❤ MaSucree

P.s. Recent Purchase Review Part Two Tomorrow 😉


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