Recent Purchase Review

15 Sep

I have brought a lot recently and it is about time that I reviewed some of these purchases. I have only reviewed a few things this time round or else this post would be super long. I will more than likely do another Recent Purchase Review post soon since I have a lot to review.

If you have any questions about any of the products I have reviewed please leave a comment or contact me at

Kleancolor Heavy Metal Eyeshadow

Kleancolor – Kleancolor Heavy Metal Eye Shadow Pallette in Wicked
Price: $6.00 from Postie

The share amount of colours you get for $6.00 is amazing! You can use them all seperate or you can use them as a trio, so you end up with four to twelve choices. The quality is also superb, it lasts all day and the colour shines through with only a little bit of shadow. My favourite trio would have to be the pink combo which is a very big surprise because I usually do not like pink. It’s not too sparkly or powedery just right. I would highly recommend getting one of these pallettes to help spruce up your colour selection.

Four Stars

Tresemme Dry Shampoo:

TresemmeFresh Star Dry Shampoo for Oily/thin hair
Price: $13.99 ($9.99 on speacial) at New World but I paid $20.00 at Farmers T_T

I have thin hair that gets oily so very easily, to managed this I had taken to washing it every day. Which I guess sort of feed the problem as well, so after seeing a Violet Le Beaux post about dry shampoo I thought I would trial it. I love everything tresemme, my shampoo and conditioner is also Tresemme.

So I have been using dry shampoo every second day for a week now. I do not like having unwashed hair every second day but the dry shampoo does stop it from looking like an oil slick. I have also noticed that when I do wash my hair it looks a lot nicer and stays cleaner looking for longer.

The dry shampoo is easy to use. It does not have a nasty nor a pleasant smell, it just has a smell. It is easy to use, with no fluffing about. You just spray it on leave it for a couple of minutes and then brush your hair.

I am going to continue using dry shampoo every second day as it has reduced how oily my hair is and it is nice to give my hair a break. It also means my dye job lasts longer.

Four stars.

Australis  Powder Cream Foundation

AustralisPowder Cream Make-up
Price: $20.50 (Farmers)

 I used to wear this foundation when I was in High School, why I ever stopped using it I don’t know. My make-up routine before was:

  1. Moisturiser
  2. Concealer
  3. Liquid Foundation
  4. Powder

Now it is just Moisturiser and then Australis powder cream foundation. It covers really well and blends into your skin with only a little bit of sponge work. You really do not need much for a lovely cover but you can layer it up for more coverage. I also still get the flawless matte look from the powder finish. But what I love most is being able to wear hardly any make-up and still get the look I like.

Five Stars 

Jordana Lipstick:

JordanaJordana Lip stick
Price: $3.00 from most emporiums like 2 Cheap or $1.30 USD from beauty Joint (not incl. shipping).

I used to avoid cheap make-up like the plague but lately trying some of the other products from beauty joint I thought I would try Jordana. I think what always stopped me was when I went into the emporium stores teeny boppers had attacked the stand so everything was smeared and gross.

I am so glad I brought Jordana lipsticks. I brought plumwine and soft rose. They go on amazingly well, I have not tested how long they last but nothing lasts long with the amount of tea and coffee I consume. AND they smell nice! O_O crazy I know yummy smelling lipstick.

Above is a picture of Plumwine on me. It is a gently red colour that I wouldn’t mind wearing to work. (I have put in double stamps as Gabby made me paranoid).

And this is Soft Rose. It again is quite soft on and I would wear it most days. I barely noticed I was wearing this colour, and it doesn’t come off.

Four and a half stars

There you have it, what I have been using and fallen in love with.

❤ MaSucree

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