Oops… We Did It Again – The Next Adventure

10 Sep

Delindel here! We made the terrible and horrifying mistake of heading to Botany again today. I’ve been put on a spending ban from Sir Husband…. And I’m ashamed to say I broke it! Eeek!

In my defence, I couldn’t help it. The fantastic Soap Opera, which we’ve already discussed at great lengths here was taking part in the Centre’s 80-Minute-Sale in celebration of the Rugby World Cup. 50% off all gift packs?! That’s the same as getting two for the price as one! So that’s what we did…

Here’s most of my haul~

  • Beautifully Delicious goji berry and raspberry limited edition bath and shower cream from Postie, $6
  • BYS Shimmer Shine Pencils in Olive and Wine from Postie, $5.99 each
  • Kleancolor Heavy Metal Shadow palette in #3 “Zest” (the one I got last week was #1 “Zeal”) from Postie, $6
  • Miki Lip Conditioner in Vanilla (now I have all 4!) from Postie, two for $5 (MaSucree got one as well)
  • Lavender and Rose Gift Pack from Soap Opera, on sale 50% off for $12.50
  • Chocolate and Raspberry Gift Pack from Soap Opera, on sale 50% off for $12.50
  • 5 more soaps and a rose bath bomb from Soap Opera, approximately $16
Not pictured~
  • Pink Grapefruit exfoliating scrub from Farmers $3.49
  • Japanese snacks from JapanMart (yay, ramen and pocky and ice cream daifuku!)
We also stopped by the craft market held outside the New World every Saturday and picked up some awesome fudge!
Absolutely delicious (I’m going from the sample I had at the stall, I’m waiting for Husband to get home before cracking these babies open), I picked up 3 different flavours – Lemon, Butterscotch, and Raspberry. Yummy! They are over on Facebook and also sell on TradeMe (username phoenixchocs). 3 generous chunks for $10!
Lastly, before I hand you over to MaSucree. I wanted to show off my 5 new bottles of Kleancolor polish. MaSucree already showed them off while doing her Beauty Joint Review, but she skipped over the bottle of Chunky Holo Candy I got her to pick up for me from the Lynn Mall Postie 😉 It’s the eye-glaringly bright pink/orange holo. Woop! Sparkly things!
And now I’ll let Miss MaSu show off her nice big haul~
Hello MaSucree here!
Unlike Delindel I am never put on a buying ban, specially since Gabby is just as bad. My shopping this week was soooo bad I started yesterday (Friday).

I wore the black flats and heart necklace out to Botany today they looked super cute with jeans and my other new cardi (from one of our last shopping trips).
  • Invader Zim season one and two on DVD from JBHIFI
  • Meringue soaps from Margaret Germon at the craft fair
  • Lemon Meringue soap from Margarent Germon
  • BYS blush from Postie
  • Soap Opera NZ gift boxes (the same as Delindel Lavender and Rose gift back and then raspberry and chocolate gift back). OMFGosh I am so excited to have a bath tonight to give them all a go. Ok maybe not all of them as their is a lot….They has super deals today at Botany town centre! I LOVE SOAP OPERA NZ!!!!
  • I also got some Phoenix Chocolate Fudge in lemon, kiwi caramel and butterscotch (I will be doing a full review on them later).
I also got a skirt from Postie:
I am sooooo excited to wear this skirt, I think I may have to wear it to work tomorrow! Squeee!
So as you can tell I may be in a bit of trouble with Delindel’s husband >< luckily we might slow down on the shopping specially since Delindel has talked me into buying not just one pair of shoes BUT TWO pair of shoes from Mi Piaci. And I am bad for her wallet?!
They do look amazing on, we were allowed to take photos but you can’t have those until I buy them!
So my darlings you should go buy yourself some fudge, some delicious soap and then go relax and indulge in the bath, that’s what I’ll be doing.<3


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