Star Kebab Review

8 Sep

I had a much better day Wednesday than I did Tuesday. I got to work super early with time to drink a coffee and fluff about on the work computers. It really does make your whole day a lot better when you don’t start it full of stress.

So I seem to have taken it upon myself to review the new food stores out on the bit of Queen Street in front of work. I have reviewed Southern Maid which is totally divine! Wednesday’s lunch was from the Star Kebab store.

Star Kebab is at 350 Queen Street with another one in the Downtown Westfield. I really do love my kebabs and have been a little disappointed by some of the other kebab stores close to work. So I ordered my all time favourite a Mini Chicken Kebab with sweet chilli sauce with no Tabuli. The price is very reasonable at $8.50 for the mini, $9.50 for the regular and $13.50 for the combo which includes 420ml drink and hot chips. Please note that the prices do change depending on what meat/filler you have inside.

The last kebab I had (of the exact same order), has more sweet chilli sauce than there was bread and more onions than salad. So by the end of my wrap it had disintegrated, I had a pool of sweet chilli sauce I could have re-bottled and sold and I had the most foul onion breath. Thanks to my good friend Ben for supply me with a plate and napkins (and putting up with the onion).

So with a super duper empty hungry stomach I dug in and I was really surprised with how super amazing my kebab was! Just enough sweet chilli sauce, beautifully cooked chicken and lots of fresh salad with just enough onion. Sadly it was gone too quickly but I did enjoy every mouthful and I did not feel gross after eating it either. I loved how fresh everything was as well!

I am definitely going back for more of my favourite sweet chilli chicken kebabs as well as to try some of the other amazing things on their menu. Such as:

Nachos – Chicken, beef, bean – $10.00 regular, $14.00 combo
Burritos or Enchilladas – Lamb, Chicken, Beef or Beam – Regular $10.00, $14.00 combo
Salads – from $8.00
Baklava – $2.00
Shish Kebabs – From $12.50

They haven’t got a website that I could find, hopefully they might have one up soon, but you can go in and see their menu or like me take one away.

Definitely go give them a go!

Four and a half stars for my yummy chicken Kebab!

❤ MaSucree


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