MaSucree’s Day and Shopping List

6 Sep

What a day today was >< I live in west Auckland and work in Central Auckland. It really does not take too long to get to work but I go by bus which means it does add a bit more time. However I seem to have problems with the buses actually turning up. *sigh* The usual bus I get at 7:25am gets me to work at about 7:50am for a 8:00am start, however today I only managed to get on a bus despite being at the bus stop ten minutes before I needed to at 7:35am. So this meant I had a really stressful start to the day ><

Luckily I had the lovely Miss Delindel coming to meet me for lunch as well a day full of meetings. So I feel a lot better about the day now I am at the end of it. A big thank you to Miss Delindel for making my day ^_^

I did a teeny tiny amount of shopping with Delindel at lunch time. I finally brought myself some dry shampoo to try out. I brought the TRESemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo for Oily/straight hair. I will review this later of course. I also brought myself some Australis powder cream foundation. I actually used to wear this in High school so it will interesting to see how I find it now.

So pay day happens this Thursday and I already have a metre long shopping list on what it will be going on. I really do have a problem ><

Doctor Who – Doctor Blink Weeping Angel t-shirt from JINX:


Price:$19.99 USD
So I really love Doctor Who and the weeping angels would have to be one of the creepiest creatures ever…next to the silence!
Jinx is a totally awesome online store, they have lots of awesome nerdy/geeky/fanPersons apparel at a reasonable price.

Forever New Bag – Lace Satchel:
Price: $59.99 AUD

Forever New Wallet – Tasmin Bow Wallet:
Price: $34.99 AUD

Forever New Shoes – Hara Peep Toe Platform:
Price: $89.99 AUD

Luckily there are a few Forever New Stores around Auckland that I can visit in my quest for this hand bag….and the wallet and the shoes >< Dammit!

So that is my small shopping list for this pay day eeep! Wish me luck on my mission.

I hope you all had a good day and didn’t have any trouble with the buses.

Till next time lovelies!

❤ MaSucree


One Response to “MaSucree’s Day and Shopping List”

  1. amynu201 September 6, 2011 at 10:37 pm #

    I lurrrve forever new!

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