Delindel Goes Outside Again

6 Sep

I had a very long day today! I went to the doctor’s in the morning (yay…) and then I headed to the city! I haven’t seen anyone for a week and a half because I’ve been lurking at home feeling poorly, so I thought that today I would get out there and see a few people.

I met up with my friend Amy (Teal Amy) and had a lovely morning tea of onigiri and a chai latte. Yes it’s a strange combination, but also strangely satisfying 😉 We also went to the new kikki.K store in the new Britomart complex/entrance. It’s a lovely area, with quite a few gorgeous little stores (and a delightfully bright and colourful M.A.C store too!) and cafes. It’s worth checking out if you haven’t already! Pop in to Espresso Workshop – the staff are adorably friendly and the chai latte was perfection. I also bought a cute lemon macaron, which was delicious! We went to Smart Sushi just next door for our onigiri, which was also very lovely and flavoursome.

After Amy headed off on a train, I headed across to Westfield Downtown and scoured the Postie and various cheap “Asian stores”. I managed to score a couple more of the Miki lip conditioners (strawberry and bubblegum, they were out of vanilla) and a Kleancolor eyeshadow palette (only $6, with gorgeous colours!) from Postie, and a Qianyu eyeshadow palette from Lotsa Goodies. I got a green palette this time, as I have a bronze Qianyu palette already – they are surprisingly awesome. Very very pigmented for a fantastic price – 10 colours for only $3.90! Technically 2 of them are blush, but still. Hooray for a haul!

I then headed up to the library to meet with MaSucree and of course we lurked around Daiso for a while. I managed to come out with some brown stripey legwarmers (yay!), a refill of the awesome amazing hand cream I bought on our very first outing (that’s how often I use it – it’s amazing), and a cute pink dotted reusable shopping bag – that comes with a little case for easy hauling-around-in-my-handbag. It’s going to come in handy on our shopping trips!

SO here’s my entire haul for the day!

We also did our usual and grabbed some Habitual Fix for lunch. Here’s my usual, the Caeser Pleaser. Freaking delicious!

Sorry about that photo quality, I took it with my phone (I foolishly left my camera at home, what?!)

After lunch I dropped MaSu back at her work and headed off to a different library – the university library. There I got to snuggle with a 400 page thesis that I only had access to for one day, which couldn’t leave the library. That was a fun end to the afternoon XD

I also wanted to share my new work shoes – I got them a week ago but kept forgetting to take photos. They’re so so super comfy on! They’re called Nagaire, and cost $199.90 to you poor suckers who don’t work at Overland. I totally love espadrilles this season!

They also come in a nude patent, but I had nude coloured wedges last summer season so I went for black.

How exciting was my day?! I’m now waiting for Sir Husband to come home, and then I’ll go cook up a chicken-tomato-mushroom-pasta-bake. Sound yummy? It will be. Oh it will be. Hope you all had good days too!

-Del xx

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